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  • How often should I get my Honda vehicle serviced?

    As service schedules vary between Honda models, we recommend you follow the service schedules as published in the Owner’s Warranty and Service Manual for your model.
    The service department of your Authorised Honda Dealer is also in the best position to offer the servicing options to suit your driving requirements.

  • How much will it cost to have my car serviced by Honda?

    Please refer to the Honda website under the “Honda Tailored Service Program” which provides a Service Price Guide for vehicles up to 5 years or 100,000 km (whichever occurs first from first date of registration).

    Please note the cost of services may vary between Authorised Honda Dealers. For further information, we recommend you contact the service department of your nearest Authorised Honda Dealership.

  • Is the first one month vehicle service free?

    The first one month service will be carried out free of charge by your Authorised Honda Dealer. Honda recommends this service is completed within one month from the date of purchase.

  • How does the Honda Tailored Service Program work?

    Please refer to the Honda website

    Very simply “Honda Tailored Service” means the amount of servicing will depend upon the way the vehicle is used. For example if you drive low kilometres your vehicle may require fewer parts and therefore have reduced service costs. On the other hand if you are driving high kilometres then additional servicing and parts may be required at additional cost.

  • I have a concern with my vehicle, what should I do?

    Your Authorised Honda Dealer should be your first point of contact. They have the expertise to attend to your vehicle and also have the support of Honda.

    To locate an Authorised Honda Dealer please refer to the Honda website

    Alternatively, you may call our Honda customer support team on 1800 804 954 (Weekdays 8.30am to 6pm EST).

  • I need a radio code for my vehicle, where do I find it?

    Honda advises bringing this matter to the attention of your Authorised Honda Dealer as their personnel will be able to assist. Please note, you may be required to provide the serial code from your radio unit in order to facilitate resetting the PIN via the radio unit's manufacturer. Proof of ownership may also be required and a charge may be applicable.

  • Can you provide part pricing and availability?

    Authorised Honda Dealers have a range of genuine Honda parts available for purchase. For further information regarding availability and the recommended retail price of specific parts, we recommend you contact your Authorised Honda Dealer.

  • Will my warranty be affected if I do not use Honda to service my vehicle?

    Honda strongly recommends servicing by an Authorised Honda Dealer as their technicians are factory trained, follow the maintenance service schedules and use genuine parts and lubricants as recommended by Honda.

    If you choose to service your vehicle elsewhere your new vehicle warranty will not be affected. However, if you use an alternative service agent and your vehicle is damaged by incorrect workmanship or non-genuine parts or lubricants then Honda cannot accept responsibility for any repairs required.

    Please note only Authorised Honda Dealers can complete new vehicle warranty work.

  • If I alter the vehicle in any way from its original specifications, will it affect the warranty?

    Honda does not recommend or endorse any modifications to or deviations from the manufacturing specifications, including fitment of non–genuine accessories.

    However, if the modifications, alterations or installation of aftermarket products cause damage to the vehicle and other associated parts then the resulting rectification will not be covered under warranty and will be at the customer’s expense.