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Genuine Servicing

Honda Genuine Servicing

Honda Genuine Servicing is designed for your car and your needs, so you can enjoy peace of mind wherever your travels take you.

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Why service at Honda?

It's something you'll find only at a Honda Centre, where every service is performed by trained technicians who really know your Honda, to preserve the long term safety and performance, reliability and resale of your car.

Naturally, only certified Honda Genuine parts, oils and fluids will do, all designed to exact specifications to work seamlessly with your Honda. We'll always seek your approval before undertaking any work outside the standard scheduled service^, because nobody likes surprises when it comes to servicing.

Honda Genuine Parts & Oils

We only use precision-manufactured Honda Genuine Parts, oils and fluids designed to work seamlessly with your car, so your Honda always feels just right.

Unparalleled expertise

Our trained Honda technicians have access to the Honda knowledge base and are equipped with Honda-specific diagnostic tools, so there's nobody better to take care of your car.

Our commitment to you

Honda Genuine Servicing, like every Honda experience, is designed to be simple and seamless, so you can be free to enjoy the journey.

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Discover our range of certified Honda Genuine products and services, including accessories, insurance and car care, each designed to help you get the most joy from your Honda experience.