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How is the cost of servicing calculated?

When booking a service, it is important to know what needs to be done and how much it will cost.

No other Honda travels the same distances, on the same roads, in the same conditions year after year as yours. So when it comes to caring for your Honda, treating it like any other just doesn't make sense.

Honda Tailored Servicing is tailored to you and your car. It's designed to maximize the reliability and health of your Honda, protect your investment and can even maximize resale value.


Your Honda Tailored Service price is calculated in two parts:

Base Service and Adaptive Service


How Tailored Servicing Works

Every base service covers a large range of maintenance items and checks including:

Replace engine oil (& oil filter every 12 months)

Exhaust system

All vehicle electronic operating systems in accordance with Honda’s diagnostic procedures

Headlights, tail lights, indicators, reversing lights & brake light operation

Tie rod ends, steering gearbox & boots

Fuel tank, lines and connections

Suspension components

Horn & wiper operation, wiper condition

Drive shaft boots

Tyre condition & rotate tyres

Brake hoses & lines (including VSA)

Front & rear brakes

Level & condition of all fluids & lubricants

Test drive (noise, stability, dashboard operation)

The Base service must be carried out when a particular milestone is reached, by either time or kilometres driven e.g. 1 month or 1,000km, whichever occurs first.

For further details, please refer to your Owner's Warranty and Service Manual under the section titled 'Normal Periodic Maintenence Schedule'.

Adaptive Service - Sometimes

In addition to the Base scheduled service, there may be other 'Adaptive'  items that will require attention from time to time, depending upon your driving needs, the age of the vehicle and/or distance travelled. So if you perform a lot of long distance driving, we'll make sure you are getting the right items replaced. Plus if you're not clocking up high kilometers, we won't replace the item until it reached that milestone. 

This decreases servicing costs over the life of your vehicle without jeopardizing vehicle performance or safety.

Adaptive items include but are not limited to replacement of pollen filters, brake fluid, spark plugs, engine air filters, transmission fluid and fuel filters.


Wear and Tear

Depending upon the condition of your vehicle, additional maintenance items may be necessary during servicing, and these will be quoted separately. For example, the vehicle may require wiper blades, light bulbs, brake pads, fuses or new tyres. These maintenance items will be identified as required during your scheduled service and your Honda Dealer will be in touch to discuss and provide a quote. Any additional costs will require your authorization before work proceeds.

For further information please refer to the Terms & Conditions.

These costs are subject to change and may be increased in line with Honda's costs of CPI.

Adaptive Items

So you need an Adaptive item replaced? Discover more about them here.

Pollen Filter
Brake Fluid
Spark Plugs
Engine Air Filter
Transmission Fluid
Fuel Filter