At Honda, we believe you should have a clear idea of what it will cost to maintain your vehicle and maximise its value.

That's why we've introduced Honda Tailored Servicing Program.

Terms and Conditions

Honda Tailored Service Program

1. Introduction

Honda understands how important it is that scheduled service costs are clear. The Honda Tailored Service Program’s Service Price guide gives you the certainty of being able to look up the current upfront cost for a particular scheduled service at the time you book that service, no matter which Authorised Honda Service Centre you visit, within the first 5 years or 100,000kms, whichever occurs first. By checking the price of the eligible service on our website at the time you book your scheduled service, you can be assured that you will pay no more than the price as per the service price guide on our website for that service. Please refer to the “Honda Service Price Guide” at the time of booking your service.   

2. What is the Honda Tailored Service Program?

Honda Tailored Service Program provides a Service Price Guide for eligible Honda vehicles for:

  • 5 years from the time of first retail registration; or
  • the period during the first 100,000kms travelled by the vehicle, whichever expires first

The Honda Tailored Service Program information is available on and through your Authorised Honda Service Centre.

3. How it works

The Honda Tailored Service Price is calculated in 2 parts:

1. The “BASE” scheduled service – Every scheduled service has a basic number of service items that will require attention which include but are not limited to items such as: engine oil, oil filter, check fluids, tyre rotation, important safety checks and electrics. The base service is required when a particular milestone is reached by either time or kilometres driven – e.g. 1 month or 1,000km, whichever occurs first. For further details, please refer to your Owner’s Warranty and Service Manual under normal periodic maintenance schedule section.

2. “ADDITIONAL SERVICE /ADAPTIVE ITEMS” - In addition to the “Base” scheduled service, there may be additional service items that will require attention from time to time depending upon your driving needs, the age of the vehicle and/or distance travelled and we call these “Adaptive Items”. These include but are not limited to cabin pollen filters, engine air filters and brake fluid replacement.

When you book your scheduled service, the price given will only include the Base and Adaptive items.

4. Important definitions


Honda Australia Pty. Ltd.

95 Sharps Road, Tullamarine, VIC 3043

ABN: 66 004 759 611.


A Honda Representative appointed by Honda Australia to 
sell new and/or demonstrator Honda vehicles in Australia and to 
perform Honda servicing and warranty repairs on these vehicles.

C. CUSTOMER The person, firm or company who is the registered owner of the vehicle or who presents the vehicle for service.

Honda vehicle imported by Honda Australia and sold through 
Authorised Honda Centres.

E. ELIGIBLE VEHICLES A list of eligible vehicles can be found on
F. OWNERS WARRANTY & SERVICE MANUAL Handbook provided with all Honda vehicles outlining the warranty 
terms and conditions, the recommended maintenance schedule and 
an area to record completed services.

If driven under normal conditions, Honda Australia recommends your 
vehicle is serviced at 6 months/10,000kms* OR 12 months/10,000kms* 
(depending on your model). Service maintenance requirements are 
detailed in your Owner's Warranty and Service Manual.

*whichever occurs first

“Adaptive Items” are items over and above the “base” service schedule which fall due for replacement either 
based on the kilometres the vehicle has travelled or the age of the 
vehicle or a combination of both.   Adaptive Items are listed in the 
vehicle’s Owner’s Warranty and Service Manual and involve the 
replacement of items such as spark plugs, pollen filters and brake 
fluid. The cost of these “Adaptive” Items are in addition to the 
“Base” Maintenance Schedule.  
Gives an indication of the maximum service price for “Base” 
scheduled service as well as the Additional Service Items “Adaptive” 
Items (as required) on eligible vehicles at the time you book your service.

Consumer Price Index


5.Terms of coverage

a. What's covered?

Honda Tailored Service Program covers items mentioned in the "Base" scheduled service and Additional Service - Adaptive items, for eligible vehicles, as listed in the Owner’s Warranty and Service Manual. The Honda Tailored Service Program guide lists the cost of labour, materials, lubricants, sundries and GST for these items (as amended from time to time).

b. What's not covered?

The following items are not covered by the Honda Tailored Service Program Price Guide and are charged at an additional cost:

i. Additional maintenance required due to the vehicle mainly being driven under severe conditions as outlined in the Supplementary Maintenance Record section of the Owner’s Warranty and Service Manual. Severe conditions include but are not limited to, driving mainly in temperatures in excess of  35°C and driving on dusty, muddy or de-iced roads.

ii. Additional maintenance items requested by the vehicle owner.

iii. Additional normal wear and tear items which may be required as part of the ongoing maintenance of your vehicle. This includes, but is not limited to, tyres, brake pads, wiper blades and light globe replacements, wheel balance and wheel alignment.

iv. Repair of any damage, failure or defect which occurs as a result of misuse or accident, or where this has contributed to the occurrence of any subsequent damage.

v. Manufacturing defects which are attended to under any applicable warranty.

vi. Services conducted 2 months after the service due date, or in excess of  3,000 kilometres of the specified kilometre interval as contained in the Owner’s Warranty and Service Manual.

vii. Any merchant fees for card payments.

6. Who may conduct the Honda Tailored Services?

Authorised Honda Service Centres will carry out the services under this program.  The Honda Tailored Service program only operates through Authorised Honda Service Centres.

7. Dealers' obligations

The Authorised Honda Service Centre will:

a. Carry out servicing of the contracted vehicle in accordance with the Honda scheduled maintenance as prescribed in your Owner’s Warranty and Service Manual.

b. Contact the customer for authorisation to complete any maintenance items not prescribed in the Honda “Base” and /or the ‘Adaptive’ service schedules.

8. Amendments

Honda Australia will periodically review the prices of the Honda Tailored Service Program and amend them from time to time in line with our costs and CPI. Honda Australia reserves the right to alter or discontinue this program by publishing amendments to these terms and conditions on the Honda Australia website.

9. Complaints and Conciliations

In the unlikely event of a dispute occurring, you should address any complaint with your Honda Centre as only in extreme circumstances should it be necessary to involve anybody other than your dealer. If you do not obtain satisfaction from your dealer and require advice on your experience you can discuss the matter by contacting Honda Australia Customer Relations on 1800 804 954.


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