Honda Genuine Accessories

Personalise your Honda

Honda Genuine Accessories

Enhance the comfort, versatility and enjoyment of your pride and joy with Honda Genuine Accessories. They let you put your personal touch on your Honda and are designed for the long haul – backed by our new car warranty*. So let the good times roll.

Backed by Honda Genuine Warranty

For greater peace of mind down the road.

100% Honda Genuine Parts

Designed to meet the highest quality standards to work seamlessly with your Honda.

Great for resale value

Honda Genuine Accessories can help preserve your Honda’s resale value.

Pick your pack

A choice of three Honda Genuine accessory packs brings together individual accessories created to complement your lifestyle.

No matter which Honda you choose there is an accessory pack for you and best of all, our accessory packs let you take advantage of a 20% discount^ so you can enjoy the road ahead.  


Build and personalise your Honda with our accessory packs.

Essentials Pack

Gives you a selection of must-have features that will protect your investment, to bring you joy each and every day.

Style Pack

Helps you elevate the style of your Honda to stand out from the crowd. As a finishing touch, the Style Pack brings Honda Genuine Tint, to keep you cool in every sense.

Premium Protection

Preserve that joyful Honda feeling for years to come with a range of premium protection products including Honda Genuine Car Care.

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