What The H Is A Pollen Cabin Air Filter?

Do you know What The H a pollen cabin air filter is? Read on to learn everything there is to know about pollen cabin air filters and how they’re included in Honda Tailored Servicing.

Check out Honda’s pollen cabin air filter guide and find out everything you need to know about cabin air filters.

Have you ever heard of a pollen cabin air filter before?

Not many people have. A pollen cabin air filter has a pretty important job. It’s designed to stop dust, pollen and other allergens from entering the cabin. 

We’ve put together this cabin filter guide so you can find out exactly how cabin air filters work and how they’re included in the Honda Tailored Servicing Program.


How do Cabin Air Filters Work?


If you are unlucky enough to suffer from allergies when spring rolls around then an effective cabin air filter can be a life saver.

A pollen cabin air filter sits within your vehicle’s air conditioning system and purifies the air that is drawn into the cabin. It works to block all the dust and pollen from entering your vehicle.

Cabin air filters are generally made from multi-fibre cotton or other similar material. They absorb things like dust, pollen, bacteria, exhaust gases and dirt from entering your car, allowing you to breathe easy.

If you’re curious on how often you should change your cabin air filter, it varies.

It’s largely dependent on the conditions that you drive in. There are some signs that you should be aware of that may indicate its time for a cabin air filter change.


  1. Poor HVAC performance

  2. Musty odour in the cabin

  3. Reduced air circulation


It’s important to ensure proper maintenance of your cabin air filter. Be sure to take your vehicle to an authorised Honda dealer and we’ll take a look at the filter.


Does My Car Have A Cabin Air Filter?

Not all vehicles come with a cabin air filter.

If you’re ever unsure about whether or not your current vehicle is equipped with a pollen cabin air filter, contact your vehicle manufacturer or speak to a trusted mechanic.

All Honda vehicles come with cabin air filters.


Difference Between An Air Filter And A Cabin Filter

There are a number of filters that you may find in any vehicle. Two important filters are the engine air filter and the cabin filter.

While they both perform the same task - filtering polluted air - they are located in different parts of the vehicle and filter air into different areas.

An air filter sits in the engine bay and filters all the air that gets drawn into the vehicle’s engine. It stops particles and debris from entering the engine and causing damage. 

The cabin filter - as you’ve learnt in this article - filters air into the cabin.


Honda Tailored Servicing


The cabin air filter is classified as an adaptive item in Honda’s Tailored Servicing Program. 

As part of the Honda Tailored Servicing program, you’ll receive a service which covers base items as well as certain adaptive items.

Adaptive items are items that are only replaced when necessary. Because everyone’s driving style is unique, people require different items to be serviced at different times. Just like the pollen cabin air filter. 

How often you should change your cabin air filter varies by model. So when you take your Honda in for a tailored service, we’ll let you know if it’s time for a change. You can also bring your car in if you think it’s due for a new filter and we’ll be more than happy to take a look.

Find a dealer near you today and book your Honda in for a Tailored Service.

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