What The H Is A Fuel Filter?

How the H does a fuel filter work? When should it be changed? Are there any warning signs? Get the answers to all these questions and more right here.

So, what is a fuel filter? Check out Honda’s guide to fuel filters below.

Fuel is supposed to be good for your car, right?

Don’t get us wrong, it is. Fuel is a must if you want to get where you’re going, but sometimes fuel isn’t as clean as you think.

Fuel can contain contaminants like dirt, paint chips and rust particles that can be knocked into the tank while you’re refueling. 

So how do you solve this? With a fuel filter.

Read on to find out how fuel filters work.


What Does A Fuel Filter Do?

All of the contaminants that can be found in your fuel need to be stopped before they get into your engine. If these contaminants aren’t stopped, it could lead to wear and rapid failure of the highly sensitive components found in modern engines.

Fuel filters generally come in a cartridge-like design and contain a special pleated filter paper which blocks all of the unnecessary contaminants. The fuel flows from your fuel tank, through the filter and then into the engine, ensuring only the cleanest fuel is being used to power your vehicle.


Signs Of A Clogged Fuel Filter

There are plenty of different signs and symptoms of a clogged fuel filter, however keep in mind that these signs aren’t exclusive to this particular issue. If you’re experiencing any of these issues get in touch with your local Honda dealer or visit an experienced mechanic.

  1. Lack of engine power

  2. Engine stalling under strain

  3. Random engine misfire

  4. Car not starting

  5. Different performance at different speeds


Benefits Of Changing Your Fuel Filter

There are a huge number of benefits that come with changing your fuel filter. The biggest benefit being clean fuel going into your engine. Having a clean fuel filter is a massive contributor to the performance of your engine. Not only does it remove contaminants that could affect your engine, it will mean your engine is getting a constant, pressurised delivery of fuel.

A clean fuel filter will also help to increase the fuel efficiency of your car and increase the longevity of your engine.


Are All Fuel Filters The Same?

There are two types of fuel filters, one for a petrol powered engine and one for a diesel powered engine. They both perform two different but equally important tasks. 

For a petrol powered engine, the fuel filter acts just as we mentioned above. It removes any contaminants and impurities from the fuel, allowing clean fuel to enter the engine.

For a diesel powered engine it’s a little different… 

A fact about diesel is that it’s lighter than water so it will float above it. Water contaminating a diesel engine is one of the last things you want. Unfortunately, most diesel storage containers hold water due to condensation and other unavoidable methods. 

A diesel filter is usually of a fish bowl like design. The diesel will enter the filter and due to the water being denser it will sink to the bottom. Once the filter is full of water most diesel vehicles have a warning system on the dash that will alert them it's time to drain the fuel filter.


How To Clean A Fuel Filter?


In most cases, fuel filters will be made of pleated paper material. These fuel filters are unable to be cleaned and require changing when they become clogged and too dirty to work. 

Due to the fact that taking apart your fuel filter and attempting to clean it can be quite risky, we don’t recommend it. If you believe your fuel filter is clogged, take your vehicle to your local Honda dealership or an experienced mechanic as soon as possible.


How To Change A Fuel Filter?

Attempting to change your fuel filter can be quite risky for the uninitiated. We recommend taking your vehicle to your local Honda dealership or an experienced mechanic when you’re due for a change.

How often you need to change your fuel filter varies by make and model. If you’re covered by Honda Tailored Servicing, we’ll check for you and let you know if it’s time for a change.


Honda Tailored Servicing


Making sure that the fuel that enters your engine is free from contaminants is vital to the performance, economy and longevity of your vehicle’s engine. That’s why you should always make sure you change your fuel filter when required. 

As part of Honda’s Tailored Servicing Program, changing your fuel filter is classified as an adaptive service item. An adaptive service item is a particular servicing item that will require attention at various points in your car’s life and may differ depending on your driving needs, distance travelled, driving style and other factors. 

When you take your Honda into your local dealer for a scheduled service, our Honda servicing experts will perform all the tasks that are listed in the base service as well as thoroughly checking for any adaptive service items that require attention.

Get in touch with your local Honda dealership today and learn more about the Honda Tailored Servicing Program.


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