Brake Fluid: Is it time to change?

Do you know the best time to change your brake fluid? Read on to find out when to replace your brake fluid and how to do it.

How do you know when your car needs brake fluid? Find out how to tell when you’re due for a change below.

Brake fluid is really important.

To put it simply, without brake fluid your brakes don’t work. 

When your brakes don’t work, you’re in trouble.


What does brake fluid do?

So to understand how brake fluid works, we first need to understand how brakes work.

When you push down on the brake pedal, a lever that's connected under the car pushes a piston into the master cylinder which is filled with brake fluid. That brake fluid gets pushed into cylinders next to the wheels and those cylinders apply pressure to the brake pads, causing the vehicle to come to a stop.

Basically, brake fluid applies pressure for you on all four wheels via the brake pedal. It allows you to stop the car with only a slight bit of pressure. Without brake fluid it would be impossible to stop the vehicle.

So like we said, brake fluid is pretty important.


Why is brake fluid low?

To reiterate, no or low brake fluid is bad.

If you’re brake fluid is lower than it should be, the most common cause would be a leak.

If you find that your brake fluid is constantly running low, you need to fix the problem ASAP. 

As leaking brake fluid can be life threatening, we recommend taking your vehicle to your local Honda Dealership or an authorised mechanic as soon as possible to get the leak fixed.


When to replace brake fluid

Imagine leaving a bottle of milk open for a few weeks. What would happen to it? It might discolour, begin to smell or perhaps its physical properties would change. Pretty disgusting, right? Just like milk, brake fluid has an expiry date. As an adaptive service item it needs to be replaced every 3 years to ensure optimal braking performance.

Read all about how Honda’s Tailored Service Program includes brake fluid replacement in their structured pricing below.


Honda Tailored Servicing

Available throughout Australia, The Honda Tailored Service Program provides a basic pricing guide for servicing for vehicles up to 5 years old or 100,00km from the date of registration. 

The Honda Service Price Guide gives you the assurance that you know exactly what you’re paying. No matter which dealer you visit.

Each scheduled service can differ. There are a number of base items included in each service and adaptive items which can differ depending on whether they require attention.

Replacing brake fluid falls under an adaptive item cost.

All information on the Honda Tailored Servicing Program and associated costs can be located here.


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