Complete Protection

Honda Genuine Paint Protection

Don't lose that lustre

Honda Genuine Paint Protection is an ultra-glossy coating that protects your paint from harsh UV rays and damaging contaminants. Once professionally applied, it bonds to your paint keeping it looking newer for longer. So, unlike wax or polish, no airborne dust or abrasives get trapped when it’s applied. In fact, it bonds to your paintwork on the molecular level – so it's designed to last the lifetime of your Honda.~

  • Helps protect your paint from acid rain, bird and bat droppings, tree sap and more
  • UV inhibiting technology – like sun cream for your car
  • Protects gloss and paint from fading and oxidising
  • Ultra-gloss ‘glass-like’ finish
  • Helps repel dirt and grime - making it easier to wash with no need for wax or polish
  • Covered with a Lifetime Permagard Warranty~ that is endorsed by Honda Australia 

Honda Genuine Paint Protection is independently tested by Austest Laboratories.






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