Moving you moves us

We’ve never stopped dreaming of a future where the joy of mobility is accessible to everyone. Where, no matter what the circumstances, you’re able to explore the world around you with complete freedom. Thanks to Walking Assist*, we’re one step closer to making that dream a reality.


It started back in 1999, when Honda engineers made it their mission to help people with weakened legs or recovering from stroke or other injury become more mobile. Using ASIMO, Honda’s walking humanoid robot, they developed a piece of technology that supports a person’s body weight to make it easier to walk.


Like all of Honda’s technology, Walking Assist features smart design that puts the user at the centre of it all. Not only is it able to adapt to any body size and shape, it also maps and tracks a user’s progress to help them operate it more easily. There are two distinct modes that make it flexible to different levels of mobility. ‘Follow Mode’ allows you to influence the way the device moves while ‘Step Mode’ influences your walking motion to enable smoother shifting of weight and more natural movement.


In Japan, Walking Assist is really on the move. In 2013, Honda partnered with 50 hospitals to get this revolutionary technology to the people who need it most. And in 2015, we expanded the program by leasing the Walking Assist to more hospitals, businesses and facilities across Japan. 


In 2018, we proudly announced that our Walking Assist obtained the Medical Devices Directive certification, for use in the training and rehabilitation of walking. This will enable Honda to launch the device within the European Union and bring our dream yet another step closer to reality. 


Few other projects have brought us as much joy as Walking Assist. Because the joy of moving you is what moves us.


*For now, Walking Assist isn’t available for lease in Australia.


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