Blue skies for our children

Imagine a world where future generations will experience the joy and freedom of mobility while living in a sustainable society. That’s what our engineers dreamed of with HondaJet* – the most fuel-efficient jet in its class.

With sky-high expectations, we challenged convention at every turn. And after 20 years of aeronautic research and extensive experimentation, the ground-breaking ‘Over-the-Wing Engine Mount’ was born. Defying conventional aeronautic engineering, it was key to making HondaJet truly revolutionary.

Praised across the industry, this new engine placement and fuselage design increased cruising speed while decreasing wind drag, meaning HondaJet could fly faster and higher while delivering 20% better fuel economy. It also gave us the opportunity to expand the cabin and make the ride more enjoyable for everyone on board.

With superior performance and efficiency, HondaJet is just one of the ways we’re improving human mobility while ensuring ‘Blue Skies for our Children.’ Because at Honda, we are ambitious in our technological endeavours, while equally responsible and conscious of the environment.

* Not available in Australia.

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