Honda Extra Care is provided by Honda*. Honda Extra Care provides you the confidence of knowing that your Honda is protected with no claim limits and no cost for labour and parts (except for tyres and batteries) for 7 years with unlimited kilometres from its original retail sale date^. In addition, when you receive Honda Extra Care, you also obtain Honda Premium Roadside Assist, which means that we are there for you 24 hours a day, from the original retail sale date of your vehicle, for 7 years.

Honda Extra Care is fully backed by Honda and can only be accessed through Authorised Honda Dealers in Australia.

Our goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage. You are also entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced if the goods fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure.

The benefits conferred by Honda Extra Care are in addition to all other rights and remedies in respect of the product (or service) which the consumer has under the Australian Consumer Law and any other law in relation to those goods and services.

Honda’s liability under the warranties is limited, at the option of Honda, to the repair or replacement of faulty components or parts or payment for such repair or replacement, and to the re-supply of services or payment for such re-supply.  For example, under the warranties, Honda may elect to remedy a defect in one of the ways outlined above.  You may have additional rights under the Australian Consumer Law.

Honda Extra Care is only applicable whilst the vehicle is within the confines of the States and Territories of Australia.

In this document, references to "you" and "your" are references to the vehicle owner.

* Honda is Honda Australia Pty. Ltd., ACN 004 759 611 ABN  66 004 759 611, Level 4, 6 Gladstone St, Moonee Ponds, Victoria, 3043: and Honda Motor Co. Ltd. Tokyo, Japan.

Authorised Honda Dealer is a dealer who holds a current Franchise Agreement pertaining to the Honda passenger vehicle model specified in the First Owner Details section of the Owner’s Warranty & Service Manual.

^ Original retail sale date is the first registration date reported by the Authorised Honda Dealer in Honda Australia Pty. Ltd.’s database. If you purchase a demonstrator vehicle, the original retail sale date is the date on which the dealer registers the vehicle as a demonstrator vehicle.



Honda’s New Vehicle Warranty coverage as set out in your vehicle’s Owner’s Warranty and Service Manual (except vehicles used for a Commercial Purpose^) is extended until 7 years with unlimited kilometres from your vehicle's original retail sale date, in accordance with the terms set out in this document.

Accordingly, when you receive Honda Extra Care, all of the terms and conditions of the New Vehicle Warranty apply until 7 years with unlimited kilometres (except vehicles used for a Commercial Purpose^) from your Honda's original retail sale date in accordance with the terms of that warranty. 

For vehicles used for a Commercial Purpose^, Honda’s New Vehicle Warranty coverage as set out in your vehicle’s Owner’s Warranty and Service Manual is extended until 7 years from your vehicle's original retail sale date or 200,000 kilometres (whichever occurs first) in accordance with the terms set out in this document.

Please note:

  • Original Equipment Batteries are only covered under the Honda New Vehicle Warranty on a pro-rata basis.
  • Tyres are covered by the tyre manufacturer's warranty.  Therefore the Honda warranties do not apply to tyres originally fitted on Honda vehicles, or to spare tyres.
  • Under the New Vehicle Warranty, Honda warrants the body panels of each new motor vehicle against rust perforation for a period of 7 years from the original retail sale date. No further warranty applies.

Your vehicle’s Owner’s Warranty and Service Manual contains further details regarding the above, as well as details of other exceptions and exclusions that apply.

You may have additional rights under the Australian Consumer Law.

Honda Premium Roadside Assist confers benefits that are additional to those under the New Vehicle Warranty, as extended by this Honda Extra Care.

^ "Commercial Purpose" means the purpose of carrying passengers or goods in the course of business or trade, and includes, without limitation, a vehicle being used at any time, as a taxi, or for hire, rental, delivery, courier, ride sharing, driving school, tourist or security purposes.



Repairs within the limits of this Honda Extra Care, will be carried out free of charge by any Authorised Honda Dealer.

Under Honda Extra Care, transportation costs of the vehicle either to or from the Authorised Honda Dealer are the responsibility of the vehicle owner, unless those costs are covered under Honda Premium Roadside Assist. Please refer to the section of this document titled '24 hour Australia-wide Honda Premium Roadside Assist' (beginning on page 7) for towing information.  You may have additional rights under the Australian Consumer Law.



Honda may cancel this Honda Extra Care at any time with immediate effect, if –

  • Your vehicle is deemed a statutory write-off; or
  • The odometer has been stopped, altered or does not reflect the actual distance travelled by the vehicle.



Subsequent owners may obtain the benefit of any unexpired portion of this Honda Extra Care by completing the transfer of ownership form (inside the vehicle’s Owners Warranty & Service Manual) and submitting it to Honda. or an Authorised Honda Dealer within 10 days following the date of purchase of the vehicle.

The subsequent owner will be subject to all of the provisions, limitations and exclusions of this Warranty.



To ensure this Honda Extra Care will apply to your vehicle, it is your responsibility to comply with the New Vehicle Warranty.

In order to make a claim under this Honda Extra Care, you must deliver the vehicle to an Authorised Honda Dealer, as outlined under the section titled "What you must do to make a claim under this Honda warranty" in your New Vehicle Warranty. A list of the addresses of current Authorised Honda Dealers is available at or by contacting Honda Australia Customer Relations on toll-free 1800 804 954.

Please retain your policy confirmation letter as proof of receipt of your Honda Extra Care policy for future reference.

Honda has engaged the services of the country’s State and Territory Motoring Organisations, giving you access to their vast national resources and recognised expertise, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Honda Premium Roadside Assist comprises the supply of:

  • Emergency Roadside Service (described in part 1 below); and
  • Personal Incident Management Service for incidents that occur more than 100km from home described in part 2 below), subject to the conditions outlined in part 3 below.

Honda Premium Roadside Assist is yours from the time you receive Honda Extra Care, for 7 years. 




1.1 Accessing Emergency Roadside Service

Honda Premium Roadside Assist may be accessed quickly and easily by calling 1800 810 852 from anywhere in Australia for services listed within this section.

To make sure that you’re back on the road as soon as possible, please have the following information available when calling:

Your membership number (your vehicle's vehicle identification number, or VIN)

  • Your name and location
  • A description of the problem
  • If possible, contact telephone number

Roadside Assist personnel will be dispatched to you promptly to assess and attempt to rectify the problem. All care will be taken to get you back on the road, however, if this is not possible or if the personnel consider that there is a chance that any mechanical action may void part ofthe vehicle’s New Vehicle Warranty or Honda Extra Care, we’ll provide towing.


1.2 Mechanical Assistance

On arrival, skilled Roadside Assist personnel will attempt to rectify any mechanical problems that have disabled the vehicle and made it unsafe or unable to be driven.


1.3 Non-Mechanical Assistance


1.3.1 Wheels and tyres

We provide wheel changing services for a damaged tyre or wheel with the vehicle’s serviceable spare. If the spare also happens to be damaged or unroadworthy, we’ll tow your vehicle to the nearest facility where it can be repaired or replaced at the owner’s expense.


1.3.2 Lockout

If you lock your keys in your vehicle, subject to satisfactory proof of ownership of your vehicle to ensure we open the car for the right person, Roadside Assist personnel will attempt to open your vehicle. If Roadside Assist personnel are unable to open the vehicle and a locksmith is required, this will be at the customer’s expense.


1.3.3 Out of fuel

Roadside Assist personnel will seek to provide you with sufficient fuel to get to a petrol station. If this is not possible or practical, then a tow will be provided.


1.3.4 Flat battery

A ‘battery-boost’ and any other practical roadside assistance will be provided to get you back on the road, or a tow will be provided to the nearest facility.  If we arrange a replacement battery, the vehicle owner will bear the cost of that replacement, subject to any other rights available to the consumer. 


1.4 Towing

Towing is provided as part of Honda Premium Roadside Assist when the vehicle cannot be made mobile. When this happens, your Honda will be towed to:


1.4.1 Metropolitan

  • The closest Authorised Honda Dealer free of charge, or
  • Your preferred Authorised Honda Dealer with a maximum towing distance of 20km free of charge. Additional towing distance above the 20km limit will be at the owner’s expense.


1.4.2 Country

Either the closest Authorised Honda Dealer or the local motoring organisation’s service facility free of charge, depending on the location and circumstances of the breakdown.

Where your vehicle has been towed to a service organisation’s service facility and the vehicle cannot be made mobile, we’ll transport your vehicle to the closest Authorised Honda Dealer.

If you instead choose to tow the vehicle to your preferred Authorised Honda Dealer, which is not the closest to the breakdown location, the full cost of towing under Honda Premium Roadside Assist will be borne by the owner.

If the vehicle cannot be delivered due to the lateness of the hour, we’ll provide the appropriate vehicle storage and make arrangements to have it delivered as soon as possible.



Where you require Roadside Assist more than 100 kilometres from home, we have added benefits to assist you. These benefits can only be accessed by calling 1800 810 852 and arranged by the Personal Incident Manager on your behalf.


2.1 Accommodation & Car Rental

The following Personal Incident Management services will be provided if your vehicle is disabled due to mechanical failure (non collision related) or due to an automotive related driver fault (non mechanical) and if your vehicle will be disabled for over 24 hours, as determined by the Personal Incident Manager.

Personal Incident Management Services for Accommodation & Car Rental will be provided with a financial limit of $1,100 (GST inclusive) per annum per vehicle.


2.1.1 Accommodation

Accommodation will be provided for up to three nights to a maximum value of $120 per night when the vehicle can be locally repaired within a mutually agreed time frame. 


2.1.2 Car Rental

Car rental will be provided for up to three days to a maximum value of $110 incl GST per day, in conjunction with accommodation;


Car rental to continue the journey will be provided for up to five days to a maximum value of $110 incl GST per day, when the vehicle cannot be repaired locally or repaired within a mutually acceptable time frame;


Where the vehicle cannot be repaired locally or repaired within a mutually acceptable time frame, and car rental is not available, alternative transportation will be provided to the registered owner/driver’s home address or intended destination.In this situation:

  • where required, return transportation will be provided for one driver to retrieve the vehicle; otherwise,
  • vehicle recovery will be provided to an Authorised Honda Dealer, the owner’s home address or intended destination anywhere in Australia. Car rental costs covered by Honda Premium Roadside Assist exclude all fuel costs, stamp duty charges and any rental vehicle relocation fees.


2.2 Medical Repatriation Services

Should you or any of your passengers become unexpectedly ill or injured while motoring and require hospitalisation for three days or more, we’ll arrange for medical repatriation to a medical facility closer to the patient’s home address where they can receive ongoing treatment. Naturally, this will only occur at the request of the patient and with the consent of the treating doctor.

Personal Incident Management Services for Medical Repatriation Services will be provided with a financial limit of $5,000 (GST inclusive) per annum per vehicle.


2.3 Accident Or Theft Related Incidents

In the event that your vehicle is disabled due to a collision, or stolen and reported to the police, we can help you with what you need at this time: expert assistance. The Personal Incident Manager can assist you to alter or make onward arrangements for accommodation and/or car rental. You also have access to the national message relay facility.  All bookings and arrangements will be made on your behalf and at your expense.




3.1 Remote Areas

Where Emergency Roadside Service is sought in a remote or sparsely populated area, the Emergency Roadside Service will be provided, but you should be aware that assistance can be affected by the vehicle's location, the availability of services and accessibility of the location. We will endeavour to provide you with assistanceas soon as possible.


3.2 Trafficable Roads

Honda Premium Roadside Assist is only provided to vehicles disabled on constructed roads or driveways that are legally trafficable and can be reached by conventional two-wheel drive vehicles and, where required, by the towing vehicle.


3.3 Bogged Vehicle Recovery

Should special equipment be required to provide assistance, such as power winches or extended cables, or should the attending Roadside Assist personnel have to return to the service facility, the additional cost will be charged to the vehicle owner.


3.4 Natural Disasters

We reserve the right to alter or offer alternative assistance where a natural disaster places extraordinary demands on the provision of services under Honda Premium Roadside Assist. Where a disabled vehicle cannot be reached due to flood, bushfire or other natural disaster, we will attempt to provide whatever alternative assistance is practical under the circumstances.


3.5 Collision/Accident

Towing services will not be available as part of the Emergency Roadside Service for vehicles damaged due to a collision or impact with any object (whether caused by a mechanical failure or due to any other reason) or any incident generally covered by motor vehicle insurance. However, towing assistance can be arranged at the driver’s expense.


3.6 Home Service

Emergency Roadside Service will be provided at your home address in the same way as at the roadside. However, during times of peak demand, roadside calls will be given priority.


3.7 Unattended Vehicles

Unattended vehicles will not be serviced under any circumstances. The owner or the owner’s authorised representative must wait with the vehicle until Roadside Assist personnel arrives. Where the owner has elected an authorised representative, this representative must hold a current motor vehicle driver’s licence in case the vehicle has to be moved. If the vehicle is found to be unattended and should other calls demand the Roadside Assist personnel’s attention, the service call will be cancelled. Any further calls and services for the same incident will be at the owner's expense.


3.8 Caravan and Trailer

Emergency Roadside Service will not be provided for caravans or any form of trailer body being towed by the nominated vehicle. However, should the vehicle towing a caravan or trailer experience a roadside breakdown and need to be towed as part of the Emergency Roadside Service, the caravan or other trailer body will be moved to a safe location to avoid any potential traffic hazard.


3.9 Replacement of Membership Card

Your Honda Premium Roadside Assist entitles you to a membership card which identifies you as a valid member. Any replacement card can be organised via an Authorised Honda Dealer at the expense of the owner.



If you are an existing member with a local Motoring Club*, you can retain your Club membership without paying for roadside for the duration of your Honda Roadside Assistance package. Contact your Motoring Club to discuss the options available to you.

* Not available in South Australia or Northern Territory.


4.1 Exclusion

Although the Bridge Option provides access to Auto Club benefits, it is not the same as full Auto Club membership. In particular, member rights (including voting and public float rights) are not available whilst participating in the Bridge Option. As noted above, the Bridge Option is not available in South Australia.

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