What To Pack For A Music Festival: A Guide

Is it festival season already? Check out this definitive guide on the best way to pack for a music festival.

Festival season is almost upon us. Check out our handy packing guide so you’re prepared for any situation

How good are music festivals?

Jumping into a car with a few of your closest pals and heading off for a good time and even better tunes is almost a coming of age tradition in Australia. 

For the uninitiated, getting ready for a festival can be a daunting experience. You’re not sure what you’ll encounter or what to expect. If you’re indecisive on how to prepare for a music festival, we’ve put together a handy guide which lists all the packing essentials.



What Do I Need To Bring To A Festival?


Unless sleep is going to be optional, we recommend bringing a tent.

How many people you’re sharing with should help determine what size you go with. If you’re going to be sleeping on your own we’d recommend a one person swag. It definitely makes the pack up a lot easier.


Sleeping Bag & Mattress

A warm sleeping bag and comfy mattress is a must for the cold nights. 

You’d be surprised how cold it can get with only a thin tent protecting you. The rule here is the warmer the better!



Efficiently navigating a campsite in the dark of the night with no torch is a skill few possess.

Every good festival goer should have a torch handy for the dark nights to come.



The only thing worse than the pitch black nights is the beating midday sun!

Making sure your campsite has plenty of shade is vital. Most festivals are held in summer and it's not uncommon for the temperature to get above 30 degrees on most days.


Tables & Chairs

Surprisingly overlooked, tables and chairs are a must for any successful festival set up. 


Baby Wipes

That’s right, baby wipes.

Going without a shower for a couple days can be quite the smelly experience. Baby wipes will go a long way towards giving yourself a much needed clean.



There’s no better way to get ready for the acts ahead than to blast their music while you’re relaxing at your campsite.



Capture these moments that you’ll cherish forever.

Sometimes you can’t rely on your iPhone camera, especially if your phone is dead. Getting a polaroid or a single lens camera will create unique photos and memories that will last.


First Aid Kit

Safety first, this one’s very important.

Should anything unfortunate happen it’s essential to have everything you need. Even as something as simple as a Band-Aid could go a long way.


Jumper Cables

Lastly, we’ve got jumper cables.

There’s nothing worse than trying to start your car on the last day of the festival and realising you’ve left the cabin light on. A set of jumper cables and a helpful stranger will get you back on the road in no time.


The Honda CR-V


If you’re looking for the perfect festival car - take a look at the Honda CR-V.

The stylish CR-V is adventure ready. Its versatile with 5 or 7 seat options, plenty of storage space and has all wheel drive options that will get you through the muddiest of campsites.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Honda CR-V, find a dealer near you today and get in touch.


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