Mythbusted: Paint Protection

How much do you know about Paint Protection? Read on to find out all there is to know, including the benefits and how you can get it.

It’s time to tackle paint protection. How protected is your car?

There’s no better feeling than cruising around in a shiny new car, the sun glistening off it, heads turning wherever you go.  Wouldn’t it be nice having that feeling forever?

Vehicles in Australia are subject to extremely harsh conditions. It’s not unusual for cars to be exposed to blistering 40+ degree heat as well as freezing cold temperatures. Unfortunately this doesn't bode well for your vehicle’s paint over the years.

A solution? Paint protection.

But does paint protection actually work? Is it worth it?

Let’s find out.


What Is Paint Protection?


Think of paint protection as a permanent sunscreen for your car.

Paint protection is essentially an invisible coating that is applied on top of the vehicle’s paint and acts as a barrier between the paint and any external elements that may damage it. 

There are different types of paint protection. The most common types being liquid or gel coatings which are hand or machine applied onto the vehicle’s paint. Once applied, these coatings seal and protect your car's paint from the harsh Australian climate. 

When paint protection is applied professionally, it helps preserve your car’s colour and gloss whilst reducing maintenance and keeping your car looking newer for longer.


What Does It Protect Against?


Paint protection works to continuously protect your paint against airborne contaminants that can cause damage to your vehicle’s paint. Insects, bird droppings and road grime cause damage which can require costly resprays or touch ups. More advanced paint protection coating systems also protect against the damaging ultraviolet rays from the Australian sun which can fade car paint within two years.

Paint protection also works to repel 

  • Acid Rain

  • Alkali Pollution

  • Bird Droppings

  • Hard Water Deposits

  • Insect Etching

  • Liquid & Water-Based Stains

  • Pollution Fallout

  • Road Grime

  • Salt

  • Tree Sap

  • UV-Ray Damage


What Does It Not Protect Against?

While paint protection is effective against the harsh Australian sun, there are still a number of things that paint protection can’t protect your vehicle from.

Paint protection is still going to be ineffective against bigger dents, scrapes, scratches and other extensive damage. So, if you ever find yourself in a car accident, unfortunately paint protection won't be able to help. 

Just because your car has paint protection, doesn’t mean you don’t need to clean or maintain your car. You will still need to care for your car in accordance with your owner’s manual and follow any of the paint protection manufacturer’s care guidelines. 


What Is Interior Protection?

Interior protection is a treatment that gets applied to all leather, fabric, carpet and vinyl surfaces within the car. The treatment is designed to protect the interior of the vehicle from permanent stains caused by food, drinks, makeup and more. The treatment also protects against UV rays which can cause the interior furnishings to fade and discolour.

Most interior protection treatments utilise bonding coatings which adhere to and provide an invisible protective coating on all the surfaces within your car. 

Interior protection treatments are effective on most surfaces including

  • Upholstery & Carpets

  • Vinyl & Leather

  • Raw Leather

  • Plastic Coated Leather


What Does It Protect Against?


Interior protection helps to prevent premature wear and aging of all the fabrics and leather in your car without affecting the natural feel and look of the materials. Its other benefits include repelling dirt, grime and spillages and protecting against harsh UV rays.

Interior protection treatments also work to help prevent marks and stains from the following:

  • Drinks

  • Food

  • Ink Stains

  • Liquid Spills

  • Odours

  • Perspiration

  • Wear & Tear


What Does It Not Protect Against?

While interior protection is effective against basic spills and UV rays it isn't going to protect you from major scratches or tears in the material. So, if you have a family dog you’re still going to have to watch out for those claws.


Honda & Permagard


In an exciting new initiative, Honda and Permagard Automotive have partnered to offer you a market leading exterior paint and interior protection system for all new Hondas. 

Permagard has been operating since 1998 and has grown to be a global market leader in interior and exterior car protection. The Permagard product range is Trusted globally to protect aircraft, automobiles and yachts worth more than $20 billion, it’s the only paint and interior protection programme approved by Honda Australia. 

These aerospace grade coatings are the very same that Permagard use in the automotive market and they can be applied to your new Honda!

Honda Genuine Paint Protection

Permagard use advanced technology for their exterior protection product which creates a high-gloss protective barrier. The formula uses environmentally friendly and biodegradable components and will maintain its glossy finish between countless washes.

Honda Genuine Interior Protection

Permagard’s interior protection solutions consists of unique, scientifically engineered Copolymer Technology which shields fabric and leather from any spills or mishaps. The hydro-protective invisible guard creates a kind of ‘force-field’ which doesn’t allow the liquid or spill to soak into the material immediately, allowing for a quick and easy clean.

If you’re interested in learning more about Honda Genuine Products and how Permagard's barrier coatings technology can protect your Honda, click here.

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