How To Put On Snow Chains

If you’re curious about how to put on snow chains, look no further. Check out this quick and easy guide for fitting snow chains on your car.

Hittin’ The Slopes? Check out this simple guide on how to put snow chains on tyres

Living in Australia, it’s rare we ever find ourselves driving in snowy or icy conditions. 

However with mountains and ski resorts like Mt Buller, Falls Creek and Thredbo littered across the East Coast, you may find yourself needing to fit snow chains at some point.  

When the time comes it's important to know what to do. So whether you’re reading this from the warmth of your living room or pulled over at the bottom of Mt Hotham, we’re here to help.

We always recommend practising this task in a safe, dry area beforehand so when the time comes, you’ll be ready.

There are many different types of snow chains and many different ways to fit them. You should always follow the specific instructions that come with your particular snow chains. Below is a guide on how to fit a common type of snow chains. 

Let’s get started.


What Snow Chains Fit My Car?


First things first, you’re going to need the right snow chains.

Whether you’re renting or buying your snow chains you need to make sure you’ve got the right ones ready to go. The packaging will show what tyre it fits. Don’t be afraid to ask whoever’s behind the counter for help.

Never attempt to drive with chains that are too large or too small as it can be quite dangerous.

You should always check your car’s owner’s manual for any limitations on fitting snow chains to your car or whether your car’s manufacturer doesn’t recommend it.


Lay The Chains Out Flat

The first step is to unpack the snow chains and lay them out flat. Once laid out the chains should be hanging free and in a ‘spiderweb’ shape. 

While doing this you want to make sure there aren’t any kinks or knots in the chains.


Fit The Snow Chains

Now it’s time to fit the chains.

It’s VERY important to make sure you put the chains on the correct tyres. If your vehicle is front wheel drive make sure you put the chains on the front tyres.

If your vehicle is rear wheel drive make sure you put the chains on the rear tyres. 

Make sure that the car is switched off, in park and the parking brake is engaged. Then you can begin.

Holding the chain above the tyre, let it drop down and ‘drape’ over the tyre, making sure it’s even. During this step, make sure that whatever fastening system that's being used is on the outside of the tyre. This will make things a lot easier down the track.

The snow chains should now cover about three quarters of the tyre. Now, tuck one end of the chain under the front of the wheel so it’s secure between the wheel and the ground. 

Repeat this process on the other tyre.


Drive Forward To Expose Tyre

The next step is to drive forward to expose the uncovered section of the tyre. Remember, you only need to drive forward about a foot, maybe two. 

Hopefully at this point the tyre is wrapped in chains and the loose ends are free from the wheel and are ready to be fastened together. 

A handy tip during this step is to turn your steering wheel to the inside to help expose the unfitted section, making it easier to access.


Connect Chains Together

Now it’s time to connect the chains. Depending on the type of chains you have, connect the edges on the ‘inside’ section of the tyre (closest to the axle). Then connect the chains on the outside part of the tyres together.

Now that the chains are fitted and connected, tighten the chains so that they are snug on the wheel. Most chains come with a tightening cam or tool to help with this process.

Repeat this process on the other wheel.


Drive 50m and Retighten

At this point, both wheels should have snow chains fitted and tightened. Snow chains are prone to shifting and loosening over the course of the drive, so drive forward about 50 metres then retighten the chains.


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