10 Crazy Road Rules From Around The Globe

Do you know which country you’re not allowed to drive in shirtless? Or in which U.S state its illegal to drive a black car on Sundays? We’ve put together a collection of weird and wacky road rules from around the globe for your reading pleasure.

From unusual driving laws in America to strange road rules in Australia, There are some weird driving laws out there. We’ve put together a collection of the craziest road rules from around the globe.

There are some pretty wacky road rules out there.

If you’ve been driving long enough, your knowledge on the rules of the road is probably pretty high, but how familiar are you with some of the weird and wonderful laws still in effect around the world?

Check out this collection of absurd driving laws that might make you think twice before you get behind the wheel overseas.


1. Thailand

Did you know it’s illegal to drive a vehicle while shirtless in Thailand?

If you ever find yourself behind the wheel in Phuket, make sure you keep your shirt on to avoid any fines. As well as saving yourself some Thai Baht you’ll probably save yourself from a nasty sunburn as well.


2. Denmark

Before you begin driving in Denmark you must check under the vehicle for any sleeping children.

So next time you’re planning a road trip in Denmark make sure you check underneath the car for any kids taking a quick nap. 

And if you do find any kids under there, make sure you move them on before hitting the road.


3. South Africa

In South Africa, you MUST slow down or stop for any herds of livestock crossing the road… Yes, this includes ostriches as well.

So why did the chicken cross the road in South Africa? 

Because it was allowed to.


4. Ontario, Canada

When you’re in Ontario, Canada make sure you carry a pack of gum with you because it’s illegal to enter a taxi with bad breath!

This rule only applies in the province of Ontario and only on Sundays. Although we’d hope you’re keeping your breath fresh every day.


5. Spain

This rule only applies to those with glasses. When you’re driving in Spain you must keep a spare pair of glasses in your vehicle at all times.

Next time you’re gallivanting around Spain on your European holiday, make sure you’ve got a spare pair of specs on you or you could risk an on the spot fine!


6. Denver, U.S.A

One of the most absurd laws we’ve stumbled across is that you’re not allowed to drive a black car on Sunday in Denver, Colorado.

We don’t think they’re that strict on enforcing this one, but if you’re ever in Denver, maybe go for the white hire car (just to be safe).


7. Russia

In Russia, it’s illegal to drive around in a dirty car. 

When in Russia, make sure your car is clean or you could get hit with a fine. Although if you do find yourself on the road in Moscow, a dirty car might be the least of your troubles.


8. Manila, Philippines

In Manila, if your licence plate ends in 1 or 2, you’re not allowed on the road on Mondays.

While this one does sound a bit out there, it’s actually an initiative to reduce the amount of cars on the road at certain times. 

That’s actually not a bad idea when you think about it…it would definitely make the Monday morning commute a bit more tolerable.


9. Singapore

When in Singapore, you’re not allowed to drive within 50 metres of pedestrians at any time...

While this is a great rule for pedestrians, it might be a little tricky driving down some narrow streets!


10. Australia

Last but definitely not least we have our very own wacky road rule to share.

Did you know that in our very own backyard, it’s illegal to unnecessarily honk your horn?

We’re big fans of this one. Next time someone’s getting a bit too trigger happy with their horn, let them know they could be up for a hefty fine.



So there you have it, 10 of the craziest road rules from around the world. 

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