Windscreen Wiper Tips & Tricks

Ever wondered how windscreen wipers work? Or how to clean them? Take a look at our collection of windscreen wiper tips and tricks to solve all your burning questions.

While they’re not vital to the successful operation of the vehicle, windscreen wipers are still very important for driver safety and visibility

Windscreen wiper maintenance is something many people overlook. Generally it's one of those things that we fix when it’s broken, not before.

Performing correct maintenance on your windscreen wipers can significantly increase their lifespan and also increase safety and visibility while driving.

In this guide, we take a look at how windscreen wipers work and how to perform correct maintenance on them like changing the blades and cleaning them effectively. 


How to turn on windscreen wipers

To use the windscreen wipers in your Honda look for the wiper stalk coming out of the left side of the steering column.

All Honda models come equipped with five settings for their windscreen wipers and washers.


  1. Mist: Hold windscreen stalk up and the wiper will run at high speed until the lever is released

  2. OFF

  3. Interval/Auto: Adjusting the intermittent time adjustment ring will change the frequency of the windscreen wipers (or sensitivity of the wipers on Auto). The lower the setting , the shorter the gap between each sweep, The higher the setting, the longer the gap between each sweep.  On Auto wipers, the system will adjust the gap between each sweep as well as adjust the speed of the wipe

  4. Low: Low Speed Wipe

  5. High: High Speed Wipe


How does a windshield wiper motor work

Windscreen wipers are connected to miniature electric motors which power the blades. Because it takes a lot of force to accelerate the wipers back and forth rapidly, they contain something called a worm gear.

A worm gear has the ability to multiply the torque of the motor by about 50 times. Allowing it to rapidly move back and forth in heavy rain when needed. 

Inside the motor is an electronic circuit which detects when the windscreen wipers are in the down position. Once in the down position, the circuit will cut power to the motor and allow it to start the process again. This also allows the wipers to have an interval setting.


How to replace windscreen wiper blades

If you’ve noticed that your windscreen wipers aren’t clearing your windscreen to the best of their ability, then it might be time to replace them. This can happen as the rubber deteriorates over time due to sun, rain, changes in heat and other pollution. 

Check your owner’s manual to find the ideal size for your replacement blades.  


Once purchased you’ll need three things to change your wiper blades

  1. Replacement blades

  2. Scissors

  3. Pliers


To replace windscreen wiper blades just follow these easy steps.

  1. Lift the entire blade assembly from the windscreen so it’s extending outwards.

  2. Squeeze the end with the clip attached (you may need pliers) and slide the old blade out to completely remove it from the assembly.

  3. Insert the replacement blade into the assembly ‘claws’ and lock the retaining clip.

  4. Using the scissors, cut off excess rubber protruding from the wiper blade.

  5. Lower the assembly towards the windscreen, ensuring the rubber is flush with the glass.

  6. Repeat steps with other windscreen assembly.

If you’re ever unsure about how to replace windscreen wiper blades, take your car into your nearest Honda Dealer and speak to one of our friendly technicians.


How to clean windscreen wipers

If you begin to notice your windscreen wipers are dirty or they’re beginning to leave smears they are probably due for a clean.

To effectively clean windscreen wipers, you’ll first need to clean the car first. Paying particular attention to the windscreen, ensuring there is no dirt or debris. 


You’ll need three things to efficiently clean your windscreen wipers.

  1. Rubbing alcohol

  2. Window cleaner or hot soapy water

  3. Paper towels


Follow these steps to effectively clean your windscreen wipers

  1. Lift entire blade assembly from the windscreen so it’s extending outwards

  2. Apply cleaner or hot soapy water to paper towel 

  3. Wipe paper towel back and forth over the wiper blade until all dirt and grime is completely removed. You may need multiple paper towels

  4. Clean the hinged areas of the wiper with cleaner or hot soapy water and wipe down to remove all debris.

  5. Use the rubbing alcohol on the wiper blade to remove and soapy residue left by the cleaner

  6. Lower the assembly towards the windscreen, ensuring the rubber is flush with the glass.

  7. Repeat steps with other windscreen assembly.


Dedicated Honda Care

If the windscreen wipers on your Honda ever need maintenance or you’re ever unsure about them, head into your local Honda dealership.

With our dedicated Honda care, we’ll correctly maintain your vehicle without compromising performance or safety. We also carry Honda genuine parts, so you know what you get will be the perfect fit - every time.

Interested in hearing more about our dedicated Honda care? Find a dealer today to learn more.


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