Why A Honda? The Inside Word From Honda Owners

We’ve asked our customers what they think about their Honda. Come and find out what they had to say.

We asked Honda owners what they love about their car. Here’s what they had to say.

The kind of car you drive says a lot about you.

Some people view it as a reflection of their personality. Others as a means of getting from A to B. The right vehicle can complement your lifestyle and accommodate your needs. 

Because your car can be such a major aspect of your life, we went directly to our customers and found out just exactly what it is that they love about their Honda and why a new Honda might be right for you.


Why Did You Choose A Honda?

The first thing we wanted to know is what drives someone to buy a Honda… No pun intended.

The theme of the responses we received was that our customers were impressed with the high quality of our vehicles. Our quality and reliability is something we’ve prided ourselves in since the very first Honda left the dealership in 1969.

Our exceptional level of quality is one of the main reasons why a lot of the owners we talked to were repeat customers. One of our owners, Gaye has been a customer her whole life, owning four Hondas to date!

An honourable mention also goes to the great performance and style of our vehicles which also received a shout out. 

Here’s what our customers had to say.


Grant: “I chose a Honda because I’ve owned a Honda previously.”

David: “It’s a high quality car with great performance and it’s very stylish.”

Cathy: “Quality and value for money.”

Wendy: “Honda products are always known to be good quality. The Honda brand stands for excellence.”

Yu Zhao: “The great driving experience.”

Gaye: “I’ve always had reliable service from the Honda vehicles that I have owned (4) to date.”


What does the Honda brand mean to you?

We also wanted to find out what the Honda brand means to our customers. 

What did they think of when they talked about Honda? What emotions did they feel when they got behind the wheel? 

The reviews that we received were very positive.

One of our customers Grant mentioned that Honda is a brand for the enthusiast. We do things a little different, we’re reliable and we’re a true “driver’s brand”. 

Some other comments we received emphasised the reliability, quality and the best value for money available.

Here’s what our customers had to say about the Honda brand.


Grant: “Trying not to sound too cliche but Honda is a brand for enthusiasts. They’re a bit different, super reliable and a driver's brand.”

David: “Quality, prestigious and extremely reliable cars.”

Cathy: “Quality, reliability and class.”

Wendy: “Honda are a very good brand and not over expensive.”

Yu Zhao: “Honda are a brand you can trust.”

Gaye: “Honda’s are reliable.”


What Do You Love About Your Honda?

Next we wanted to find out exactly what it is our customers love about our cars. 

What things do they love? What are the things that convinced them to buy a Honda? We quizzed our owners on things like space, style, tech, design, safety and more.

The one thing that stood out from all of our responses was space, style and the handling of the car itself. With the Honda owners stating 

“driver feedback is superb” and  “a joy to drive”.

Hear from the owners.


Grant: “Handles brilliantly and the driver feedback is superb.”

David: “An absolute joy to drive.”

Cathy:  “I love the style, technology, safety and space.”

Wendy: “I love everything, I’m very satisfied with it over all.”

Yu Zhao: “The space and technology”

Gaye: “Mainly the comfort and reliability”


Do You Think Your Honda Is Good Value For Money?

Behind purchasing a property, purchasing a car can be one of the largest financial decisions you ever make, that’s why we asked our customers what they thought of our pricing. 

We wanted to know if they thought their Honda was worth what they paid for it.

The majority of respondents stated that their Honda is good value for money and worth what they paid. The majority came back with responses such as:

“Best value for money car on the market in its category”

“I’ll buy another one when the time comes”


Grant: “The best value for money car on the market in its category.”

David: “Yes, thats why im currently buying my 3rd Honda Civic Limited Edition - Just waiting on delivery.”

Cathy: “Yep, absolutely.”

Wendy: “Very much so, I’ll buy another one when the time comes.”

Yu Zhao: “To be honest, I don’t think I was given a good price.”

Gaye: “Yes.”


If You Were Trying To Convince Your Friend To Buy A Honda, What Would You Say?

Finally, we wanted to know how our favourite customers would sell a Honda to their friends and family.


Grant: “Honda is different for everyone. I purchased for steering and handling, however it does tick all the boxes for a fuel efficiency, space and is an all round family sedan.”

David: “A high quality car that’s spacious, has fantastic features and is very stylish - a dream to drive.”

Cathy: “Value for money, one of the biggest selling brands, looks good.”

Wendy: “In my 62 years of driving I have probably purchased at least 20 cars. I think that the Honda is my favourite.”

Yu Zhao: “Honda is a good and trustworthy brand.”

Gaye: “Go to the Honda Dealer in Burnie, TAS. They are all so customer friendly!”


Find Your Honda

If our loyal customers haven’t convinced you that your next car should be a Honda, maybe your friendly local dealer can. Find a dealer near you today and find out everything there is to know about a Honda and maybe even score yourself a great deal on a new set of wheels.

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