Got A Shortlist? How To Determine Which Vehicle Makes The Cut

Ready to narrow down your search to just one vehicle? Read on for our tips on narrowing down your shortlist.

Have you shopped around and got a few models in mind? Check out our guide to answering the age-old question, “which car should I buy?”

Making a final decision on which car you want can get really hard.

With so many different makes and models out there, deciding on just one can get a little overwhelming.

From sedans to SUV’s and everything in between, deciding on just one isn't easy. 

That’s why we’ve put together a new car buying checklist to help you shorten your short list down to that perfect car.


Figure out your needs

Firstly, determine what your needs are now and also what they’re going to be for the next few years. Sure, a convertible sounds nice but if you’re planning on starting a family soon or moving somewhere cold it’s probably not very realistic.

Some factors to consider when looking at your needs are:



Who’s dependant on you and who will you be driving around.


Daily Commute

If you drive to work will there be a lot of stopping and starting? Will it be in the city and require some tight parking?



Do you enjoy road trips? Will you need a lot of boot space to carry all of your gear?



How much are you willing to spend? Does it fit your budget? 



Consider your lifestyle

Next, think about what kind of lifestyle you lead. Perhaps you’re a surfer and need something with roof racks. Or you could have a large family and need something to move all the relatives around.

Everyone has different lifestyles that come with different requirements. It’s important to consider yours and how your new vehicle can support it.


What’s important to you?

Consider what’s important to you. This checklist is about you after all. 

Have a think about what’s going to satisfy your needs within your budget. 

Some factors to consider when thinking about what's important to you include:



Do you want something that’s going to turn heads when you drive down the street?



What colour floats your boat?



This one should be an essential.



If you love gadgets then go for something with all the latest tech.


Fuel Economy

If you’re a fan of maximising your fuel and saving your dollars then consider a car with good fuel economy



There’s nothing wrong with wanting something spacious that’s comfortable to drive.



Read Some Reviews

One important step should be to get online and read some reviews. 

There are a lot of great websites that will give you an honest review of a vehicle. Some websites that will give you a review you can trust are: 




If you’ve got a specific vehicle in mind by now, reach out to some friends or family and see if they own the same model. Get their honest opinion and take that into account when you’re asking yourself, “which new car should I buy?”


Make A Decision

Once you’ve taken all these factors into account it’s time for the last (and most important) step. 

It’s time to make a decision.

Hopefully this collection of tips can help narrow your search down to that one perfect car that will leave you happy behind the wheel for years to come.


Honda Sensing

Safety should be one of, if not the most important factor that you take into consideration when you’re deciding on a new vehicle. That’s why when you shorten your list you should seriously consider a Honda. 

A number of vehicles in the Honda range now come equipped with Honda SENSING our advanced suite of safety technology that’s designed to keep you protected when you're behind the wheel#.

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#Honda Sensing technologies are driver-assist technologies and should not be used in place of safe driving practices. Drivers should continue to monitor the road at all times. The accuracy and operation of Honda Sensing technologies may vary based on weather, speed, traffic, road conditions, markings and other factors.


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