Find Your Honda: Which Model Suits Your Lifestyle

 Are you a city slicker? Or are you a socialite? Come and discover which Honda is perfect for you.

Are you looking for the best car to take camping? Or is it an affordable sports car you’re after? Read on to find the best Honda for your needs.

Which Honda is right for you?

That is the question. 

Your lifestyle can have a major influence in the car that you drive.

Some people have big families and need all eight seats of the Odyssey to move them around. Others just need something to strap a surfboard to.

Whatever your wants, needs and desires, there’s a Honda for you. From cars that excite to the best small car for city driving, there’s something for everyone

We’ve taken five different lifestyles and paired them up with the perfect Honda to match. 

Check out the list below.


The City Slicker

You’re a deadset city slicker. A regular urban dweller who only eats at the hottest brunch spots and drinks at the best rooftop bars in town. 

When you drive, you need something easy, something maneuverable, something compact. A car that you can squeeze into a tight spot out the front of your favourite cafe and also take to visit your parents in the suburbs.

What you need is the Honda Jazz

The compact Hatchback is not only versatile in size, it packs a punch as well. The 1.5 litre i-VTEC engine will have you zipping all around town. The Jazz’s Magic Seats allow for up to 18 different seating combinations. They can fit just about anything in there. 



The Weekend Warrior

You’re an amatuer adventurer. Your idea of a fun weekend away consists of no electricity, no maps, just a compass to fend for yourself

You need something that’s not just going to get you from A to B, but from C to Z as well. Something to help you tackle the weekend but also convenient for your Monday to Friday adventures to the office.

A Honda CR-V is the answer.

The CR-V comes in a 2WD option or an AWD option, It’s the best car for camping that Honda has to offer so expect adventure ready handling whenever nature calls. 


The Socialite

You’re a social butterfly, the life of the party who's always ready for a good time, no matter the occasion.

You’re always on the move, either going to or from an event or driving around with friends. Wherever you go, the celebrations follow.

Check out the Honda HR-V

With a style that only the HR-V can pull off, the compact SUV is perfect from road trips to urban adventures. It comes equipped with a roomy interior and Magic Seats designed to make room for everything and everyone. 


The Enthusiast

Are you a car guy/gal? The motoring enthusiast who bleeds oil and spends more time in the garage than with their family?

Is your idea of a perfect weekend spent with your head under the hood? Are you intoxicated by the smell of petrol? Does an engine revving get your engine revving?

Look no further than the Civic Type R

Voted the best performance car of 2018 by MOTOR magazine, the Type R epitomises speed. With a 2.0 Litre VTEC Turbocharged engine, limited slip differential and a track tested aero kit, the Civic Type R is every adrenaline junkie’s dream.


The Tech-Head

Do you love the latest technology? Are you always first in line to grab the latest gadget? Do you live and breathe for cutting edge technology and staying connected at all times?

Are you looking for a car that’s not only fast, comfortable and safe, but high tech as well?

The all new Honda Civic is for you.

Available in a sedan and hatch, the new Civic is sportier than ever with a sleek design and imposing central twin exhaust. But don't worry, this hatch is more than just looks. The powerful hatch comes with a futuristic coloured LED screen positioned right behind the steering wheel which shows everything you need to know including outside temperature, average fuel consumption, who’s calling and what’s playing. The Honda Civic also comes with a 7 inch driver display and Apple CarPlayTM and Android AutoTM compatibility, allowing you to seamlessly connect with your Honda.


Find Your Honda

Do one of these lifestyles speak to you?

If you’re interested in any of these models or any cars in the Honda range, reach out and find a dealer near you today. You can talk about models, financing and even book in for a test drive.


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