Our Essential Road Trip Tips

The long weekend is nearly upon us and while we’re sure you’re itching to get away from the daily grind and onto the open road, it’s important your car is just as ready.


Ideally, you’d be all up to date with your services, but we do know that life can get in the way, especially while we’re still writing 2017. 

  • If you have time to squeeze in a service before departure, you should definitely book you in. It might eat into your spending money a little bit, but will save you potentially a lot in the long run.
  •  Check your battery. Make sure it’s strong and that the terminals are clean. If they’re not, a little bit of baking soda, boiling water and a toothbrush will do the trick to remove corrosion
  • Give your tyres the once over, checking they have enough tread and pressure. Also, check them for any significant wear or even objects like nails that might be stuck in them. If in doubt, give your dealer or local tyre shop a call. Make sure you also check your spare tyre at the same time! If they need a once over, you can locate a service centre here
  • Make sure all your fluids are topped up: oil, water, transmission, coolant, brakes and power steering 
  • Pack safe- if you're going to be carrying lots of gear you need to make sure its secure and won't block your vision. Think about using a cargo net to secure loose objects


Now you've made sure your car is ready to go, here's a handy list of bits and pieces in case you find yourself in a spot of trouble. 

  • Jumper cables
  • Tyre changing kit: in many cars this is stored with your spare tyre
  • Plenty of water for both you and your car
  • Some food, preferably long life (this is in addition to your snacks!)
  • A fully stocked first aid kit, including a first aid manual. 
  • Torch and spare batteries
  • Blankets and a towel
  • Spare clothes


Now that we have the essentials covered, let's make this trip memorable (in a good way, of course) for everyone.

  • Something to listen to: you can definitely choose to go old school with a classic CD folder, but if you're after variety and playlists tailor made for the road, Spotify is the best place to look. Heading somewhere where there isn't any phone service? Good news, you can download as many as you can fit on your phone if you've signed up for premium. 
  • If music isn't your jam, keep everyone entertained with a podcast. Whether you want to learn something or just have a laugh, there is something for just about everyone
  • Snacks: If half the fun is finding something to eat in kooky little towns along the way, the other half comes from indulging in your favourite chips and lollies. If you've still managed to keep your new years resolutions, some nuts, dried fruit and muesli bars will fit the bill!

Failing all of the above, if you do one thing before you head out, it's to get a good night's sleep so you're alert and ready to hit the road safely

Happy long weekend!

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