LaneWatch: Better than 20/20 Vision

Honda's LaneWatch acts as an extra pair of eyes looking out for you and those around you.


One in five Australians enjoy cycling and, if the popularity of events such as the Jayco Herald Sun Tour are anything to go by, more and more of us are set to enjoy getting out on two wheels either competitively or just to enjoy some pedal-powered freedom.

Of course that does mean that in some places our roads are getting busier, especially with bike sharing schemes taking off in our towns and cities. Sharing busy streets safely can get stressful at times, which is why Honda developed its unique LaneWatch system.


Available on selected new Civic and CR-V models, Lanewatch uses a camera mounted underneath the left-hand side wing mirror which, when the driver indicates left or presses a button on the dashboard, presents a wide-angled view of everything immediately to the left side and rear of the car on the large high-definition screen in the centre console.

Useful in every driving situation, Lanewatch really comes into its own when changing lanes or turning left in situations when drivers are sharing the road with smaller, slower moving, and more vulnerable road users such as cyclists. By acting, almost literally as a pair of eyes in the back of the driver’s head, Lanewatch makes sharing the road much safer and less stressful. Confidence inspiring and simple, using Lanewatch quickly becomes second nature and reduces the workload on the driver.  

Committed to safety

Lanewatch is just one aspect of Honda’s commitment to a collision-free society by helping drivers watch out for and act considerately to everyone on the road, not just motorists. The Honda Sensing system in higher-specification Civics and CR-Vs works towards that same aim by bringing together a suite of sophisticated intelligent and autonomous safety measures that help making driving easier, more comfortable and safer for the occupants and everyone around them. You can find out more about Honda Sensinghere.

And, if you are one of the many Australians who love exploring our beautiful country on two wheels, Honda has you covered from a practical point of view as well. We offer both roof and towbar mounted bike rack accessories across many of our models as well as plenty of storage space inside, helping you and your family easily swap four wheels for two whenever you feel like it.

This year Honda is a major sponsor of the Jayco Herald Sun Tour, which has grown since its beginnings in 1952 to become one of the world’s most competitive and well-regarded cycling race, attracting top talent from home and abroad.

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