The Honda Family Car Finder

Families come in all shapes and sizes but there’s guaranteed to be a Honda to fit yours.

Everyone’s family is different and finding the right car to keep them safe and happy can seem a bit confusing. You’re in luck because our handy Honda family car finder quiz should steer you in the right direction and get you in the right model for transporting your little troopers around. Just keep a note of your answers and all will be revealed at the end.

So, how many passengers are we talking about?

A.     Actually it’s just the two of us and the dog right now but we’ve got a new addition on the way.

B.     Well we’ve forgotten the sleepless nights and the nappy changes so we’re ready to do it all over again!

C.     Three and they just seem to be getting bigger and bigger. And the amount they eat!

D.     I’ve practically got my own five-a-side soccer team.

What are you using your car for?

A.     Just for the daily commute and the occasional roadtrip to a nice AirBNB.

B.     Getting out and about on the weekends and making sure we all get plenty of fresh air.

C.      Some days I feel like an Uber driver. Or maybe a supermarket delivery van.

D.     Music practice, soccer matches, dance classes, school formals. You name it, we do it. Over and over and over.

How do you want to feel behind the wheel?

A.     Well I still want to have a bit of fun on the way to work when it’s not loaded with baby toys!

B.      I like to be able to see my surroundings but still nip in and out of traffic easily.

C.     Safe, in control and with kids being quiet!

D.     Comfortable and calm even when I’m late for the school run.

How often do you load up at the shops?

A.     We try and shop local and always buy organic.

B.     I stock up at the local supermarket once a week but only by being very organised!

C.     I am starting to think I should buy shares in a supermarket.

D.     We should definitely buy shares.

Well what about the hardware/ furniture store?

A.     Well the nursery is all ready and waiting so no more furniture for a while.

B.     I am still too traumatized by the last visit but I suppose we’ll be back there soon.

C.     I am starting to dream flat pack furniture instructions.

D.     Look, I’ll get those shelves finished and put up next week, OK?

How do you keep the kids quiet in the car?

A.     Luckily they’re little enough to fall straight to sleep when we get moving so I can listen to my favourite podcasts.

B.     I know every children's movie song off by heart but wish I didn’t.

C.     Quiet?! What does that mean? I can’t hear you over the squabbling.

D.     They barely look up from their phones. Sometimes I get a grunt that sounds like ‘thank you’ when I drop them off.

What’s your dream roadtrip?

A.     Just down the road to see my parents for some free baby sitting.

B.     A day out to the national park or to somewhere we can get out on the water.

C.     You can’t beat Australia for family camping.

D.     Anywhere just the two of us without the kids!

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