Honda Introduces its 3E Robots

Honda has unveiled three of its AI robots at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas


The rise of the robot is upon us as Honda unveiled and demonstrated their new 3E robotics concept at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas. Honda introduced its revolutionary take on AI and robotics to a packed crowd as they showcased robots that have been engineered to understand people's needs to improve their lives. Honda shared its vision of a society where robotics and AI can assist people in many situations such as disaster recovery, recreation and learning from human interaction to become more helpful and empathetic


All good things come in threes and Honda’s vision for the robotic future is no different. Here at Honda we believe in the 3E’s of robots – our robots will empower individuals, provide an improved experience for society and be capable of delivering empathy while providing support for consumers.

Senior Managing Director at Honda Motor, Yoshiyuki Matsumoto, said at CES 2018: “We have entered an era when robotics will become increasingly visible and essential in our everyday lives and have the ability to unlock human potential.”  Honda believes the 3E’s of robotics is the best way to unlock the potential of all humans around us. 


"Empower" represents Honda's concept that robotics and people can work together while leveraging each other's strengths. This is exemplified though our 3E-D18 robot  which is an autonomous off-road robot that utilises AI to support humans in a broad range of work activities such as search and rescue, firefighting, construction, and agriculture tasks. This robot potentially saves human life by being a substitute for a human in a dangerous position – a robot saving a life is pretty empowering…

"Experience" represents the idea that people and robotic devices grow together by interacting with each other, becoming even more useful for people and society as a whole. Honda’s 3E-C18, a small-sized robot enhances the experience of entrepreneurs and artists by carrying anything they may need. The AI can learn how their human prefer to be served by observing how they act and then operates autonomously.

The 3E-A18 robot acts as a personal guide to humans. The robot is able to communicate and co-operate with humans seamlessly and is capable of offering information and care by understanding the individual needs of people and analysing that person’s surroundings and expressions. We believe our robot develops empathy and compassion for their human and genuinely wants to look after them, similar to a service animal.

Honda’s amazing work with the 3Es shows the world that robotics can not only save lives, but also enhance human experience. 

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