Are you sitting comfortably?

Not many drivers know how their seat should be properly adjusted for comfort, safety and control. Here we explain how to achieve the correct driving position and use it to reinforce the fact the Civic is the roomiest car in its class.

Whether you use your car for short trips or long-haul journeys, you’ll want to arrive at your destination feeling refreshed and relaxed. That’s why it’s so important to drive a car that offers supportive and comfortable seats – and with a cabin that never feels cramped or constrained.

The Honda Civic may belong in the small car category, but you wouldn’t know it when you take a seat inside the latest Civic’s cabin. Not only are the driver and passenger seats bolstered for maximum comfort, the driver has access to a full range of adjustments (Including eight-way electric adjustment in the RS and VTi-LX variants) to ensure the perfect seating position. 

Get comfortable

Finding a comfortable position behind the Civic’s steering wheel is as easy as altering the tilt and telescopic steering column, and adjusting the seat for back support and legroom. You’ll know you’ve found the right steering column position when you can clearly see the Driver Information Interface in front of you. 

Sitting in the correct position relative to the steering wheel isn’t just about keeping you comfortable, it’s about keeping you safe, too. As a guide, you should be able to reach out and touch the top of the steering wheel with the fleshy part of your palm. This will ensure your arms are optimally placed (with a slight bend at the elbow) when you hold the steering wheel in the recommended ‘9 and 3’ position. It will also ensure your car’s driver airbag system deploys as it should in the event of an accident.

Plenty of room

Supportive seats go a long way to ensuring your drive is a comfortable one, but just as important is having loads of interior space and everything you need all within arm’s reach. 

A sense of openness prevails in the Civic’s cabin, so it should come as no surprise to find out that it’s the roomiest car in its class. There is enough headroom to prevent even the tallest driver or passenger from grazing their heads on the roof. The legroom offered by the rear seats requires far less bodily contortion than in many other similarly sized cars.



The dashboard itself is the epitome of clean and functional design, with everything the driver needs readily at hand. Indeed, the cockpit has been designed to make the driver feel in charge and completely at one with the vehicle. 

The touch screen Display Audio unit and steering wheel with intuitive controls are both examples of the Civic’s focus on driver enjoyment. The steering wheel controls mean you can use all the features of Apple Carplay and Android Auto, both of which are standard features across the entire Civic range, without your hands ever leaving the steering wheel. With your safety, comfort and convenience covered, there really isn’t much the Honda Civic can’t do.

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