Engine Coolant: What Is It & Why Is It Important?

Learn all about how engine coolant works and how it helps your vehicle perform at maximum efficiency

Car engines can get really hot.

When you have so many parts and gears working together to power an entire vehicle, parts can heat up quite rapidly and if they’re not properly maintained, they may break down. 

That’s where engine coolant comes in.


What is engine coolant used for?

Engine coolant is used to regulate a vehicle’s engine temperature, ensuring that vital parts of the engine are performing at an optimal temperature. 

The coolant is pumped through the engine’s cooling systems, drawing heat from parts of the engine allowing it to constantly remain cool.


What does engine coolant do?

Engine coolant is made up of a blend of distilled water and additives. The additives are designed to prevent corrosion inside the engine and allows it to perform at a higher operating temperature.

An engine’s cooling system will remove approximately one third of an engines heat when operating effectively. 

There are different types of engine coolant you can use depending on the type of vehicle and your location.

Coolant is made up of a highly concentrated fluid using additives such as Ethylene Glycol or Propylene Glycol. The reason these additives are included is because they raise the fluids boiling point and lower the freezing point allowing the fluid to operate more effectively. 


How long does engine coolant last?

The life of engine coolant can vary depending on the make and model of your vehicle. Always check with your local Honda dealer to determine how often you should have your coolant replaced.


How to drain engine coolant

If you own a Honda, take it into a trusted mechanic or visit your local Honda dealership and we’ll have one of our experts take a look and perform the task if needed..


Honda Genuine Servicing

All of our Honda dealerships use diagnostic equipment that’s unique to Honda vehicles as well as using Honda Genuine Parts that are tailor-made for your Honda. 

If you’re experiencing engine coolant issues with your Honda, take it into your local Honda dealership immediately and we’ll take a look.


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