• Tell us what makes you Type-R and win

  • A big wave surfer, two parkour champions and a V8 supercar driver showed us what it takes to be Type R. Now it’s your turn.

    This competition might be closed, but we’re always interested to see what makes you Type R, if you have a video or photo you'd like to share with us, feel free to send it through on our Facebook page or upload to instagram and include the hashtag #areyoutyper

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    The Civic Type R pumps adrenaline. It’s in its blood. Born from the track, the Civic Type R is designed for those seeking the ultimate rush. But what does that look like? What’s going on beneath the hood of both man and machine? To find out, we partnered with Victoria University’s Sports Science team to test how four adrenaline-fuelled athletes respond to the Civic Type R.

  • The Thrill Seekers

  • Danny Griffiths
    Champion big wave surfer
  • Brodie & Dylan Pawson
    Parkour Champions
  • Melinda Price
    V8 SUPERcar driver

    Constantly chasing the next rush, Danny has surfed the world’s biggest and most terrifying breaks. No stranger to thrills and spills, he was nominated for the 2017 World Surf League's Wipeout of the Year.

    The speed needed to catch monster waves often sees Danny sling-shotted by jetski at over 80km/h.  So, he knows what heart pumping adrenaline feels like on water, but what about on the track? 


  • Chart
  • Danny Griffiths

    These 22-year old identical twins dominated Australia’s Ninja Warrior thanks to their parkour skills. They’ve confidently jumped, flipped and spun across ledges, buildings and ‘death drops’ around the world.

    Parkour is all about agility. It requires lightning fast reactions and the ability to effortlessly manoeuvre your body while trying to control the adrenaline that courses through your veins. The Civic Type R pushed the twins to their limits. So, how did the two compare?


      Born to race, Melinda has been behind the wheel of countless high octane racing cars, including V8 Supercars. She is now the first female in the Australian GT championship. She craves the thrill only racing can bring.

      On the race track, performance is everything. Design, aerodynamics and technology can mean the difference between first or last. So, how will a V8 supercar driver react to the performance of the Civic Type R?

    • "The new Civic Type R is not just fast, but is a sports model that can be driven with complete confidence, and fills the driver with an overwhelming desire to keep on driving. It's the car Honda has dreamed of making.”

      Hideki Kakinuma
      Civic Type R Project Lead

    • Honda Civic Type R
    • Victoria University Sport Science

      In collaboration with the Sport Science Team at Victoria University, ranked in the Top 25 globally* for sports education, we created a unique test that recorded real-time data from the athletes’ bodies during their Civic Type R hot lap. We could see how each athlete physically responded to spikes in adrenaline, ultimately demonstrating what makes them Type R.

      *Shanghai Ranking: Academic Rankings of World Universities