Honda and the environment

Environmental awareness is ingrained in every bit of the Honda brand



From our development of a super-clean diesel engine, to the production of our hydrogen powered cars, right down to the plastic cups we recycle in the staff canteen. Honda has long been at the vanguard of the automobile industry’s efforts to improve fuel efficiency and reduce vehicle emissions. Today, Honda is accelerating its efforts to reduce CO² emissions that contribute to global climate change through a portfolio approach to new technology development that includes more fuel-efficient gasoline engines, gas-electric hybrids, natural gas and battery electric vehicles, plug-in hybrids and fuel cell electric vehicles.


Honda's environmental milestones:

  • Historic efforts at developing and deploying advanced technologies include the first vehicle to meet U.S. Clean Air Act standards without the use of a catalytic converter (Civic CVCC)
  • America’s first mass-produced gas-electric hybrid car (Insight)
  • The world’s first government-certified hydrogen fuel cell vehicle (FCX)