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To hug the road, cherish your tyres.

Well-maintained tyres are smoother and safer to drive. To find out which are best for your car and how to maintain them effectively, contact a Honda Tyre Centre.

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Properly maintained tyres mean a safer, smoother and more comfortable drive. Learn more about maintaining your tyres, those that best suit your needs, and where to go when it's time for a service.

There are lots of tyre options depending on how
you use your Honda.


In order to keep your tyres in top condition, you need to keep them properly maintained.


Tyre Brands

Whether you're an inner-city or off-road driver, your Honda Tyre Centre has a tyre to suit your needs.


Honda Tyre Centres are proudly supported by Bridgestone.



The Ecopia EP100 provides premium safety and comfort with the addition of lower rolling resistance technology. Lower rolling resistance improves your vehicle's fuel efficiency and reduces the amount of Co2 emitted into the environment.

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Designed to optimise 4WD performance on the road and off, Dueler is the perfect choice for serious off-roaders and suburban tourers alike. The Dueler High Performance Sport provides excellent on-road wet and dry handling, sharp steering precision and maximum in-car comfort. It delivers better durability, less irregular wear and reduces noise in both new and worn conditions.

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Delivering breathtaking control and responsiveness in the wet and dry, these tyres are perfect for passionate drivers. With outstanding performance, unbelievable cornering and improved traction in the wet and dry, the Potenza range gives you that exceptional feeling of being in harmony with the road.

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Ideal for the city commuter or distance driver, Turanza is engineered to deliver an exceptionally smooth and quiet ride in any condition. The Turanza is a superb blend of comfort, safety and performance. Its modern tread pattern and casing design delivers enhanced wet and dry handling, a comfortable, quiet ride and excellent water evacuation which reduces the risk of hydroplaning.

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Properly maintained tyres mean a safer, smoother and more comfortable drive. Follow these tips to get the most mileage from your tyres.


Tyre Pressure

Air pressure in a tyre can strongly influence the tyre life, performance of the vehicle and safety of passengers. Tyres that overinflate can reduce the ability to absorb road shocks and as a result the centre of the tyre can experience excessive wear. Underinflated tyres create more rolling resistance, which can have a negative impact on your vehicle's fuel efficiency.

  • Tyre pressure checklist
  • Tyre pressures should be checked on a weekly basis
  • Pressure should be checked when tyre is cold
  • Valves should be checked regularly
  • Sealing type valves should be used


Generally new tyres have approximately 8mm of tread when manufactured, however, as tyres wear, the ability to disperse water reduces. It is imperative that your vehicle has more than 1.6mm tread. To ensure safety, tyres should be replaced before the tread wears to the Tread Wear indicators. To find out more information or if you are unsure how to read your tread depth, contact your nearest Honda Tyre Centre.


Tyre Fitment and Rotation

Poorly fitted tyres can cause poor handling, vibration and rapid tread wear. Therefore it is important to have your tyres fitted correctly. Always ensure your tyres are fitted by a qualified technician to secure driving safety.

Tyre rotation is vital to achieving even tread wear and long tread wear life. The tyres on a vehicle’s driven wheels wear more rapidly than the tyres on the non-driven wheels. The difference in wear rates is particularly large on a front-wheel-drive vehicle, where the front tyres, which are subjected both to steering forces and to engine power, wear much more quickly than the rear tyres, whose loading is relatively light. Regular tyre rotation will ensure even tread wear amongst all four tyres; you can check the recommended rotation intervals in your Owner's Service and Warranty Manual. If you haven't had this done for a while, speak to your local Honda Tyre Centre today to book in a service.