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Honda’s World Debut Of All-New Clarity Fuel Cell At 44th Tokyo Motor Show 

Honda has today unveiled the new fuel cell vehicle called CLARITY FUEL CELL at the 44th Tokyo Motorshow.

Honda has today unveiled the new fuel cell vehicle called CLARITY FUEL CELL at the 44th Tokyo Motorshow.

Expected to be available in Japan for lease in March 2016, the all-new CLARITY FUEL CELL has been designed as a true five-passenger sedan, thanks to the compact, high power fuel cell stack mounted under the bonnet.

Employing original Honda technologies, the fuel cell stack has been downsized by 33 percent and achieves more than 100kW with output density of 3.1kW/L*1 which is an improvement of 60 percent. The fuel cell powertrain has been made as compact as a V6 engine*2 and housed under the bonnet of a sedan-type vehicle for the first time in the world*3.

Honda was one of the first automakers to focus attention on hydrogen as a possible solution for global warming and depletion of fossil fuels and has taken a proactive approach to research and development of FCVs since the late 1980s.

The CLARITY FUEL CELL has a 70MPa high-pressure hydrogen storage tank that provides a class-leading cruising range of more than 700 km*4 (Honda internal measurement) and can be refilled in approximately three minutes*5.

Its high-output motor with maximum output of 130kW*1 achieves a direct, highly-responsive and exhilarating driving experience with excellent quietness.


When combined with the Power Exporter 9000 - an external power feeding device - the all-new CLARITY FUEL CELL can function as a “power plant on wheels” that can generate electricity in times of disaster.

In 2002, the Honda FCX became the first fuel cell vehicle in the world to be certified by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the California Air Resources Board (CARB). With these certifications, Honda began lease sales of the Honda FCX in Japan and the U.S.

In 2008, Honda became the first automaker to begin lease sales of the FCX Clarity, which featured an innovative sedan-type package and unprecedented driving experience. The all-new CLARITY FUEL CELL was developed based on data related to the ease of use and driving performance of these previous Honda FCVs. Honda will continue taking on new challenges in the area of hydrogen technologies including the Smart Hydrogen Station, FCVs and external power feeding devices.

Key specifications

Number of occupants


Cruising range (reference)

More than 700km*4 (Honda internal measurement while being driven in JC 08 Mode

Refuelling time

Approximately 3 minutes*5

FC maximum output

More than 100kW

FC stack output density


Motor maximum output


Hydrogen maximum filling pressure


Energy storage

Lithium-ion battery

Vehicle size (length X width X height)


*1 Honda internal measurement
*2 Honda 3.5L V6 engine
*3 Among planned production models of sedan-type vehicle, Honda internal research as of October 2015
*4 Honda internal measurement in JC08 mode and after refuelling the vehicle at a hydrogen station with charging pressure of 70 MPa which comply with SAE standards (J2601). The cruising range may vary when the vehicle is refuelled at hydrogen station with different specifications, as amount of hydrogen put in the tank will vary depending on the specifications of hydrogen station. The cruising range may also vary significantly depending on conditions of usage (ambient temperature, traffic congestion, etc.) and how the vehicle is driven (sudden starts, use of air-conditioning unit, etc.)
*5 Honda internal measures using 70MPa station in the exterior temperature of 20 degrees Celsius. Time required for refuelling may vary depending on conditions.