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What is Ethanol?

Ethanol is an alcohol which is distilled from fermented agricultural crops such as wheat and sugar cane. In some cases, it is then blended with petrol in various concentration levels.
All Honda vehicles manufactured after 2004 are capable of using fuel containing up to 10% ethanol, commonly known as E10. Note that E10 is normally equivalent to 91 RON fuel. Some Honda models require 95 RON "Premium" fuel. 91 RON E10 should not be used in these models. For further information check your owner's manual or the fuel information label inside the fuel filler.

Have a question?

For further information, please refer to your vehicles owner's manual, or phone the Honda Customer Hotline on (free call) 1800 804 954.


Unsure what fuel to use?

Look on the inside your vehicles fuel cap for information about the types of fuel your vehicle can use.