Tell us how you use your Honda story winners

We're happy to announce the selected winners of a $100 Visa gift card below who told us the unexpected ways they use their car.

At Honda, we love that everyone is different. We asked you the unexpected ways you use your car - other than just getting from A to B! Thank you to everyone who entered this competition, we enjoyed hearing all the weird, whacky and wonderful ways that you used your Honda. We're happy to announce the selected winners of the $100 Visa gift card below:

1. Katherine Obo
2. Cassandra Burton
3. Krista Rogers
4. Alyce Annese
5. Chun Hon Chiang
6. Sarah Winchester
7. Tiina Kauppila
8. Nikke Zaicz
9. Robyn Iommazzo
10. Ainslea Lipple
11. Jasmine Fellows
12. Paula Walland
13. Zoey Mitchell
14. Jan Feliciano
15. Ai-linh Tran
16. Fiona Cooper Saunders
17. Cassandra Mason
18. Alison Angelo
19. Jane Meed
20. Belinda D'souza
21. Rebecca Juliett
22. David Braybrooke
23. Michael Ess
24. Jane Tan
25. Molly Grosvenor
26. Monica Rimando
27. Rebecca Chivers
28. Arnold Aguila
29. Romina Favero
30. Will Duog  

We’ll be contacting the winners directly. On behalf of Honda Australia, thank you again for sharing your story.