How To Test Drive A New Car

Check out our list of things to look for when test driving a car

One of the most important (and exciting) parts of the car buying process is the test drive.

Taking a test drive lets you get behind the wheel of your potential new car and get a feel for how it drives, the feel of the seats and steering wheel, the power of the engine, the technology and anything else that's important to you. 

While it's fun to simply get behind the wheel, it's important to know how to test drive a car as well. On top of determining whether it’s a comfortable and practical fit for you, you need to keep an eye and an ear out for any mechanical issues.

Listen for any unusual noises as you drive, particularly over bumps and while you’re taking corners. If you hear anything unusual, raise it with your car dealer. Or if possible, bring a mechanic along to inspect the car.

We’ve included a list of things to check when you’re test driving a new car for the first time. 


Check For External Damage

Before you jump in the car, check for any external damage such as scratches, dents or scrapes. Not only will this protect you from purchasing a car and realising there’s damage but will also ensure you’re not liable for damage you didn't do.


Try ALL The Electronics

Next, have a play with the car’s electronics. Determine if they suit your needs and are what you’re looking for. Does it feature Apple CarPlay™ or Android Auto™? Does it have bluetooth and is it user friendly? Does the audio system meet your standards?

These things aren’t exactly necessities but if tech is important to you and will influence your decision, make sure you’re happy with it.


Check The Turning Circle

After you get a feel for the car, take it down a quiet street and check the turning circle. 

Is it smaller than anticipated? Or as you expected? 

While you’re checking the turning circle, check the steering wheel for any excessive vibration, any excessive free movement or if the steering wheel is favouring one side.


Check Braking & Acceleration

Lastly, check the vehicle's braking and acceleration capabilities. 

Make sure that the car brakes smoothly, efficiently and comes to a complete stop within a reasonable amount of time dependant on your speed.

Make sure the car is accelerating to the best of its ability. If it’s a new car it should accelerate smoothly and be responsive to the touch.


Honda Warranty

All new Hondas come with at least a 5 Year Unlimited Kilometre Warranty. This means that no matter how much you drive within 5 years of your Honda purchase, you’ll be covered under our warranty.*

When you drive with a Honda warranty, you drive with confidence and peace of mind, no matter where the road takes you.

Contact your local dealer today to explore the Honda range and learn more about the Honda warranty.


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*5-year unlimited kilometre warranty available on all vehicles except those used for a Commercial Purpose, where a 5-year/140,000 kilometre (whichever occurs first) warranty is applicable. See for full terms and conditions or visit a Honda Dealer.