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Engineering Talk #2 Designed to excite

It may be impossible to measure on a scale but the Type R engineers knew the new car had to be exciting above all else.

  • Innovation

Honda Introduces its 3E Robots

Honda has unveiled three of its AI robots at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas

  • Technology

LaneWatch: Better than 20/20 Vision

Honda's LaneWatch acts as an extra pair of eyes looking out for you and those around you.

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Engineering Talk #1 The Pleasure of Driving

The lead engineer for the new Civic Type R explains how his team’s focus was to make the new car offer greater driving pleasure in a wider range of circumstances.

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Engineering Talk #3 Pursuing Ultimate Handling

Here’s how the suspension and tyre engineers for the new Civic Type R achieved their goals of confidence-inspiring handling and everyday ride comfort.

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Engineering Talk #4 Agile and direct steering

The key touchpoint for a performance car is its steering wheel. Find out how Honda engineers worked hard to give the Civic Type R the ultimate direct steering.

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Our Essential Road Trip Tips

The long weekend is nearly upon us and while we’re sure you’re itching to get away from the daily grind and onto the open road, it’s important your car is just as ready.

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