Sedan Range

  • The Honda SEDAN Range

    Three distinctly different sedans with so much in common. Sleek styling, sophisticated performance and state-of-the-art technology, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Now you just have to decide which Honda Sedan fits your lifestyle. Enjoy.

Perfect for heading in, out or around the city


The Honda City is not so much a small car as a light sedan. But it’s anything but light when it comes to features. Everything from the Display Audio system and smart keyless entry, to push button start and sleek exterior design is built to bring you in tune with the road.

The bold sedan that stands out from the pack


The bold Honda Civic Sedan offers style and sophistication to entice your spirit of adventure. Sleek lines and refined features cut an impressive figure amongst the bustle of the city. While on the open road, the Civic’s advanced aerodynamics slice through the air providing a quieter cabin for the perfect drive.

The Sedan that has it all


Having it all means feeling like the world was made with you in mind, and this is what it feels like behind the wheel of the Honda Accord. Powerful. Smart. Good-looking. And that’s just the start to one seriously impressive family car.