Honda Hatchbacks

Find your hatch match

If you thought small and spacious don’t go together, let’s introduce you to the Honda hatchback range. They’re nimble enough for zipping around town, with loads of boot space and comfort for when you want to leave it all behind. So stop by to find your hatch.

Civic Hatch

Civic Hatch

Cutting-edge features and versatile space

Reimagined to ignite your curiosity the Honda Civic Hatch is back and better than ever. With an all new design and stylish features, the 10th generation Civic is engineered to redefine what a hot hatch can do.

Built to thrill and designed with a body to match, this hot hatch deploys striking features and sleek lines to evoke a sporty style that commands a presence on the road.

Wherever you may roam, the versatility of the Civic Hatch will serve you well. Adjustable seating gives you the freedom to adapt your car to suit your lifestyle, whether it’s a growing family or growing shopping list the Civic Hatch can handle anything you throw at it.

Due to a global parts availability there is limited stock across the Civic Hatch range. Contact your dealer for stock availability.

Civic TYPE R

Civic TYPE R

Redefining performance

Born of the track, the 2020 Honda Civic Type R has racing in its DNA. Designed to challenge what’s possible in a compact hatch, the Civic Type R redefines performance. And it does so in thrilling style.

Built with a stiffened front-wheel drive chassis, scalpel sharp 6-speed manual transmission and 2.0-litre VTEC turbo engine, this Civic Type R owns the title of the ultimate hot hatch. 

Every inch of this icon draws on the Honda pedigree. With three spine tingling driving modes: Comfort, Sport and R+ mode, which at the touch of a button, automatically retunes the suspensions, throttle and steering settings for maximum performance – the Civic Type R is made for a special breed.