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That's the power of clever thinking.

As Soichiro Honda said, "We only have one future, and it will be made of our dreams". Our challenge is to turn dreams into useable, life-improving technology for everyone. That's what we mean when we say 'the power of clever thinking'. And it doesn't always have to result in a new car. Sometimes it's a solar cell. Sometimes a robot.


A little bit of science could change everything.

The fuel stack in the FCX Clarity combines Hydrogen fuel (H2) with Oxygen (O2) in the air to create the electricity that powers its engine. When these two elements combine, the only by-product is H20 (water).

It's just like a petrol car but unlike petrol, in the future we won't run out of hydrogen, because it's the most plentiful element on the planet.

A car that emits nothing
but H2O. How refreshing.

The FCX Clarity is the world's first production hydrogen fuel-cell car. As a result, it emits nothing from its exhaust but pure water. Water so pure in fact, that the FDA has confirmed you could drink it.*

*Don't worry - if you're holding a bottle of our specially produced H2O water in your hand right now, you've been drinking plain old spring water. If you want to taste the real thing, you'll have to travel to California, Japan or the UK where the FCX is currently available.

Why shouldn't old folks
homes look like Sci-Fi films?

Nobody wants to spend their days on a clunky mobility scooter or impractical wheelchair. That's why we work to keep bettering our pioneering mobility device, the UNI-CUB. Our world first omni-directional wheel system brings a simple way to get around (all you do is shift your body weight to control it) a step closer to those who need it most.

Honda CUB

It's not just a plane,
it's a Honda.

Over 50 years of engineering better cars has also taught us about engineering better jets. A radical re-think of where to place the plane's engines (why not above, rather than below the wing?) has resulted in a more spacious cabin, noise reduction and increased fuel efficiency. HondaJet is scheduled for release in late 2014, so you've still got time to build a bigger garage.

It's easy being green, if
being green is more fun.

How do we create better, more environmentally friendly drivers? We can lecture them, or we can make driving more efficiently into a bit of a game. Honda Eco Assist gives you constant feedback, glowing an encouraging green when you accelerate and brake gently, so doing the right thing becomes less of a chore and more of a reward.