Civic Hatch

12YM (VTi-S only)

Civich Hatch VTi-S Bluetooth® System

Civic Hatch VTi-S Bluetooth Unit This Bluetooth® system is an accessory option for the Civic Hatch VTi-S. Incredibly simple to operate, it allows you to make and receive calls with the touch of an easy to reach click-wheel. Your calls will operate via the car's audio system and a microphone picks up every word you say. Safe and easy.


Key features

Automatic Connection

Automatic Connection When an incoming call is detected, the car's audio is automatically muted. After the call ends the car's audio returns to its previous level. If you do not want interruptions, you can disconnect your phone at any time.

Automatic Transfer / Redial / Call History

Manual and automatic answer symbol Transferring calls between your mobile handset and car's Bluetooth® system can be done automatically or manually with great ease. For extra convenience, you can redial the last number or select from recent call history.

Contact Book with Caller ID

Multiple users symbol Up to 200 numbers can be stored and looked up in the system's contact book, and for phone's that support OPP (Object Push Profile), your phone's contact book can be streamed directly to the device via the Bluetooth® connection. When a call from a contact comes through, their information will be shown on the system display.

Battery Level / Roaming / Signal Strength Display

Multiple users symbol All your phone's vital signs are shown on the display, so you can easily see if it's time to pull over and plug your phone in; also shown are your network connection and whether or not you've got good reception at your current location.


The Bluetooth word mark is owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and use of such mark by Honda is under licence.

Civic Hatch

Phone compatibility

Find out what features of this Bluetooth® unit your phone is compatible with.

Honda Bluetooth Logo Download the latest phone compatibility list


Pairing instructions

NOTE: Do not attempt while operating your vehicle.

  1. Make sure that your phone’s Bluetooth® is turned on and that it is in discoverable.
  2. With the car  ignition on (it's not necessary to start the engine, you just need the electronics) you'll notice "Honda Car Kit" come up on the Bluetooth unit display.
  3. Turn the scroll wheel until "Pairing Mode" comes up on the screen, press the scroll wheel in to select it.
  4. Search for available Bluetooth® devices using your phone, select "Honda Car Kit_XXXXXX" (where Xs are numbers) when it appears. A passcode may be required; the default code is 0000.
  5. Wait for the connection to activate (this can take up to one or two minutes). If successful, your phone's name will appear on the Bluetooth unit's screen.
  6. If unsuccessful, please complete steps 1 - 5 again, ensuring your phone's Bluetooth is on and is discoverable. As strange as it sounds, it can take a few attempts to establish a connection.

That’s it, you’re connected and ready to go!

For further instructions, please consult your Bluetooth Owner's Manual that came with the device when you purchased it. If you are in need of a new manual, you should contact your local Honda Dealer.